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  • SFV 420

    Anybody ells notice the code for the vault on the City of Chaos stage.
  • Re: Predicting And Understanding A Situation

    ADD or ADHD has no effect on playing games. The practicing does. If you think you problem is getting in the way of practicing then focus on how to better practice than the game itself because you are holding yourself back. Take your meds, sit down, and practice.
  • Re: Tournament Main: Laura or Ibuki?

    Ryu, Alex and Nash are top tier.

    I would pick Ibuki. There are tons of Laura's out there. Being a good Ibuki will get you noticed. She is also one of the few characters who don't feel like a typical Street Fighter character so playing her always feels fresh. I main her mostly.

    Her tricky set ups are tons o' fun.
  • Re: Chester Bennington (Lead singer of Linkin Park) dead.

    Now where is MY frappucino.[/quote]

    You are an idiot.[/quote]

    Nope. Sorry you are so touchy about the subject. But people need to stop romanticizing depression and being sad. Yes it sells records. But its still a stupid image to portray, just so you can connect with teenagers.
    Sonichuman wrote: »
    I dont think Chester or Mike were 'leads' in the group. Chester sang and screamed where was needed in the track and Mike provided backup vocals for Chester and was the MC. I always thought of them as equals when it came to vocal responsibilities in the group.

    A lot of people would, because as @Zatalcon said, he had the most iconic parts. But he did have the least amount of parts. Especially on the first two albums.

    Suicide shmuicide. I feel no way about it, positive or negative. I feel it was his choice to make. I didn't know him so I have no feelings about him being gone. The music is still there and at the end of the day I listen to a band for the music. Not because I give a dam about the members. He's gone, the decent early stuff they produced isn't. So whatev's. The hard part about it all is him being labelled as the lead singer. I feel that has more impact on the band members he left behind. Such as Mike. The lead singer. He is going to have to come across as being sad about the situation, if its because he is sad then so be it, if it is because he has to fake it for the media, so be it. It doesn't mater. What maters is that he is not going to be able to step up and say he was the front man. His legacy has been destroyed by Chester's actions.
  • Re: Chester Bennington (Lead singer of Linkin Park) dead.

    Holy dam.

    With so many people whining about depression and being diagnosed with it I am going to go out on a limb and say it seems like a cop out diagnosis. Oh you had to much milk in your cereal and you didn't enjoy it..... you sir are depressed. Here are some meds.

    Everybody gets sad. When relationships end, when people die, when things don't go your way. Seriously just suck it up butter cups. That isn't depression. That's just limp teenage behavior that you should have grown out of as you got older instead of stewing in all the non serious issues you have growing up. Of course to those with real issues and real depression, my bad.

    And is everybody going to skip over the fact that the thread says lead singer. He was back up.

    LP had some interesting stuff on their first album or two. Then they went to hell as they tried to chase sales and what was popular. They didn't create a genre, they didn't define a genre. They did what everybody was doing and moved onto other stuff. People shouldn't forget about how bad their stuff got and just brush it off because the dude is dead.

    He was a tosser, the whole band has said it. And when he was high he was even worse. I doubt he had real depression, he was just a stoner who had a bad trip and couldn't handle it. And if he was diagnosed with depression he would have been on meds. Meds that would act horribly with drugs. So it was bound to happen. If he couldn't be smart enough to read the instructions and side effect warnings that came with his meds then bad things will happen. He didn't kill himself because he was depressed, he did it because he was high and wasn't thinking straight.

    On a serious note, weak people don't commit suicide. Broken people commit suicide. And you have to have really big balls to be able to do it. You know what you have to face being alive. Nothing their to scare you. You don't know what will happen to you when you die. That's scary. You have to be brave as hell to roll the dice.

    Now where is MY frappucino.