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  • Re: The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Welcome to New Donk City!

    I second Darkstalkers. If Nintendo could lock that down as their exclusive fighter it will kill. MS has KI, Sony has that other game, Nintendo could shine. And hopefully it will make its way to Evo and boom, cult following wanting in and Nintendo sells a bunch of Switches.
  • Re: How to keep focus?

    No tricks man. You just have to do it. The fact that you can recognize you are slipping indicates that you understand the issue. Now you just need to not let it slip. It will all come down to you and nothing else. But here are some ideas that could help.

    1) Take a break every hour and come back to it.

    2) Set an alarm on your phone. Have it snooze for 15 minutes. So every time it goes off you remember you are meant to be focusing on something, then hit snooze and it will remind you in 15 minutes again. After 4 reminders it will be an hour. Take your break and walk around. Or watch some top level matches to get hype an motivated again.

    3) Every time you realize you have slipped up, punch yourself in the nuts. If you are a female. Put two nuts in your lap and punch them. Should work either way.

    When it happens you will get a lot of data about yourself. If you feel you start sucking you will be able to pick out what you are doing wrong and you can call yourself on it. Then before you start you next game, say to yourself, "don't do situation A because you don't want outcome B".

    And lastly, when you are having this issue, remind yourself you are a piece of shit and if you don't sort your act out you can kiss victory good bye. Decide on how you want to start the round and start that way, say it out loud and not just in your head. Then before round 2 or 3 starts say it out aloud again how you want to start those rounds. It will help you stay mentally aware that there is a specific way to play for victory and that you have a game plan. And with that game plan you will get what you want.

    Also, have a game plan.
  • Re: Bras are bad for health AKA Boobies Going Their Own Way

    I myself have a fair sized chest that gets a lot of attention from the opposite sex. And I agree. I never wear a bra and my nipples are perfect. The only thing pulling them down is the 3mm hoops in each one.
  • Re: Fundamental problems

    Read Daigos book. I plan on doing it soon. One thing that stands out in what he has written is that he was training to hard to win at one point and he was getting really unhealthy. So he had to change his mindset. Right at the time he made a little break through. And what he walked away from it all with, was an understanding that winning isn't what he was training to do. He was training to see results and get better. Winning was just the effect that training for improvement caused. Play to get better. When you get better you will naturally win more.
  • Re: Offline Vs. Online

    I love playing against the AI. When you get better you will understand why a lot of top people tell you not to bother. Once you figure out the patterns of the AI you can cheese them and win.

    But I feel a lot of people miss a great point with the AI. I do most of my solo training against AI opponents. I will spend some time in the lab and learn a combo. Then practice just that combo against the AI. But I will set rules to focus it on training instead of just trying to win. I will only use one combo that I am working on. I will only set it up in a specific way. And I wont do anything else. So I know I am not cheesing the AI. What this does for me is get me used to doing my combo at unexpected times. Instead of in the lab, where I can wait until I am ready and then do the combo.
    Adds a little stress, which is great. But you calm down and get into the groove pretty quickly.

    I do this with everything. If I am practicing anti airs, I will lab an opponent jumping in on me and finding what works. Then go AI and only use my anti airs. Or if I have a move I want to use as a whiff punish, I wont do anything but intentionally try and get the opponent to whiff, and then punish them. Granted this is a hell of a lot easier to do on the AI than a real opponent. But the techniques and combos and skills and everything that I learn doing this is 100% transferable to an online game. Once I feel I have learned all the specifics I want to know about my character, I go back into the lab. Set the opponent to AI and just go. That way I don't have the interference of having to wait between rounds. It is one unlimited round. And I will put everything together. And I can sit there for hours on end. Typically I will spend 1-2 hours a night learning one specific thing. Jump ins don't come to frequently so I will do that training on a night when the GF has Vampire Diaries or some other gay shit to watch, and I will go 3 hours +.
    Then on Saturday I wake up around 7, get her to work, get home and have some bacon and cereal. And go unlimited AI round training from around 9 until 5 when I have to go fetch her.

    Playing this way means you will lose a lot. But you don't need to win if you are focusing on something specific. And when you take it online you know exactly what to do.

    I really only do this in the beginning of a new game or if a character I am picking up is so vastly different from the previous. The whole aim is to get online and start applying those freshly learned techniques where it counts. And then start working my way up to tourney viability.

    If I can't find games online I still play unlimited AI rounds. And focus on execution and my % of combos landed. Or even just walk around the AI and try keep away. But online is better than AI. And offline with a real human is better than online. But its better to play something than nothing at all.