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  • Re: The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Welcome to New Donk City!

    I second Darkstalkers. If Nintendo could lock that down as their exclusive fighter it will kill. MS has KI, Sony has that other game, Nintendo could shine. And hopefully it will make its way to Evo and boom, cult following wanting in and Nintendo sells a bunch of Switches.
  • Re: Chester Bennington (Lead singer of Linkin Park) dead.

    Now where is MY frappucino.[/quote]

    You are an idiot.[/quote]

    Nope. Sorry you are so touchy about the subject. But people need to stop romanticizing depression and being sad. Yes it sells records. But its still a stupid image to portray, just so you can connect with teenagers.
    Sonichuman wrote: »
    I dont think Chester or Mike were 'leads' in the group. Chester sang and screamed where was needed in the track and Mike provided backup vocals for Chester and was the MC. I always thought of them as equals when it came to vocal responsibilities in the group.

    A lot of people would, because as @Zatalcon said, he had the most iconic parts. But he did have the least amount of parts. Especially on the first two albums.

    Suicide shmuicide. I feel no way about it, positive or negative. I feel it was his choice to make. I didn't know him so I have no feelings about him being gone. The music is still there and at the end of the day I listen to a band for the music. Not because I give a dam about the members. He's gone, the decent early stuff they produced isn't. So whatev's. The hard part about it all is him being labelled as the lead singer. I feel that has more impact on the band members he left behind. Such as Mike. The lead singer. He is going to have to come across as being sad about the situation, if its because he is sad then so be it, if it is because he has to fake it for the media, so be it. It doesn't mater. What maters is that he is not going to be able to step up and say he was the front man. His legacy has been destroyed by Chester's actions.
  • Re: Chester Bennington (Lead singer of Linkin Park) dead.

    He was the back up singer.
  • Re: How to keep focus?

    No tricks man. You just have to do it. The fact that you can recognize you are slipping indicates that you understand the issue. Now you just need to not let it slip. It will all come down to you and nothing else. But here are some ideas that could help.

    1) Take a break every hour and come back to it.

    2) Set an alarm on your phone. Have it snooze for 15 minutes. So every time it goes off you remember you are meant to be focusing on something, then hit snooze and it will remind you in 15 minutes again. After 4 reminders it will be an hour. Take your break and walk around. Or watch some top level matches to get hype an motivated again.

    3) Every time you realize you have slipped up, punch yourself in the nuts. If you are a female. Put two nuts in your lap and punch them. Should work either way.

    When it happens you will get a lot of data about yourself. If you feel you start sucking you will be able to pick out what you are doing wrong and you can call yourself on it. Then before you start you next game, say to yourself, "don't do situation A because you don't want outcome B".

    And lastly, when you are having this issue, remind yourself you are a piece of shit and if you don't sort your act out you can kiss victory good bye. Decide on how you want to start the round and start that way, say it out loud and not just in your head. Then before round 2 or 3 starts say it out aloud again how you want to start those rounds. It will help you stay mentally aware that there is a specific way to play for victory and that you have a game plan. And with that game plan you will get what you want.

    Also, have a game plan.
  • Re: Mr Wizard, Please ban LTG from EVO

    I will sign that.

    What is LTG.