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  • Re: The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Out now!

    One of the more exciting things driving my interest for MK8D was getting back into the techniques. Its removed the thing that made it possible for some to be better than others. Even if everybody learned to Fire Hop we would all do it to the best of our abilities. With it gone its just a case of who presses the accelerate button better than the next guy. I hope they removed it purely so they could hide a new technique in the game for us to have to find it again. To give a fresh new life to the game. Those time trial guys better get to work. As a fighting game player. My party games are fighting games. I love having some mates over and burning some meat and having a few drinks then jamming some fighting games. Which we take extremely seriously, because that's fun.
  • Re: Which do you think is the best D-pad for fighting games? (diagonals, hadoukens, shoryukens etc)

    I prefer the Xbone D-Pad.
  • Re: I officially quit shoryuken

    What crap @RexFesto696 .

    OCD is not a disability. Everybody has some level of OCD. How dare you compare having to touch your nose three times before you pee to somebody who has no hands. Or a nose. Or a peeing organ of any gender.
  • Re: The Legend of Zelda thread - Master Sword? Light Arrows? Tunics? Nah son. I'm fighting Ganon naked!

    Dungeons indeed.

    I love the new game. And the shrines are fun. But they really screwed the pooch by not having dungeons. I don't want to give any spoilers. But there are 4 situations in the game that would have made perfect dungeons. Leading to a 5th even.
  • Re: Is my stick broken.

    You have no idea man.

    On top of all the corruption we have our education system getting destroyed. A quick example: We have a basic education structure that goes up to Matric. Pretty much the same as your grade 12 I believe. The pass rate has been dropping due to unqualified teachers and lazy students. Since it is somewhat crucial to have a matric to get an entry level job. And the government is trying to get more people working. They dropped the pass rate to 33% or whatever it is. Instead of improving the education and trying to motivate students. Some Unis and Colleges follow a similar pattern and are putting out doctors who know less than 50% of what they should. After the final exams happen they take the average mark and decide if the reason so many people have failed is because the test were to hard. If they find the test are to hard, they drop the pass mark. So that a certain % of the students who failed, but have the highest marks, still get to pass. Which pushes them out, with their certificates which don't mean shit anymore. Because it makes them look good as the government to have increased the pass rate. And it is like that for everything here. If they can't fix a problem they steal some tax money and make everything easier. The new big thing is decolonization. Which is in essence trying to remove things white people brought to the country. Such as Science as a school subject. Because as low as they drop the pass mark for that, people still can't pass.

    But whatevs. Politics be politics.

    Should change the thread title to "Is my country broken?".