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  • Re: Choosing a fighting game (I need some help!)

    I second Guilty Gear. Absolutely fantastic game. I haven't had a chance to really get into the last Blaz that was released. Tekken 7 is a must play.
    And Persona was good when I played on the 360.

    The one thing you need to keep in mind is the games that aren't main stage at Evo will have smaller communities. I like that. It tends to mean the player base are on a much higher level as the newer players either git gud or give up. So if you can get in you will always have challenging matches. Easy enough to do. Just find the discord.
  • Re: How to learn wiff punishing?

    Record Ryu doing a low kicking poke. and practice punishing it on whiff.

    It is a typical action players will perform when feeling you out or trying to get you to do something. And you can try all your buttons and see which you like to use.

    In the beginning record him doing a crouch, let him stand again, and then the poke. It will help you know when the sweep is coming.
    Then just walk up to Ryu, stay outside of the range of the sweep and when you know the sweep is coming, get ready to do your punish. Don't bother doing it on reaction, you are trying to predict it and punish. Once you find what works for you and you are comfortable getting it every time you can change it up a bit.

    Now record Ryu walking forward and then back and then doing the poke.
    You need to walk back when he walks forward and forward when he walks back, predict the sweep, and punish. The point of this is to try and learn the spacing that you need to be at to punish, and to practice keeping it.

    Of course practicing with a dummy can only get you so far. But you will get the understanding of distance and the speed of the move required to stay out of range and punish. From there it is just practice and repetition. If you have a friend who plays you can invite them around and just have them walk back and forward at whatever random movements they want to do. You just practice keeping distance. You wont be able to do it perfectly because they will obviously be trying to trick you up. Once you have done that for a few hours you can start adding Ryu's poke into the mix and practice keeping the space and punishing. Focus on that specific thing and not having actual matches with your mate and you will progress quickly. In a weekend you can get it down very nicely.

    After that you can then start learning how to step into range and back out again, with the intention of getting them to throw out the poke to get you, which you then punish.

    But remember your mate will be bored as shit doing this, so you need to be willing to help him out with any boring practice he may need on a different weekend.

    Dedicating time to one specific task is really boring, but it pays off more than you can imagine.
  • Re: How hard is it to make a 2.5D fighting game ?

    It is extremely easy and free.

    Go on Youtube, find the video tutorial that tells you how to do it with Unity.
    Download Unity and start following the videos.

    All the sprites you need you can get for free on the Unity resources pages. Same with audio and sound FX.

    If you are a creative person you can use all of that and make something semi decent. But it will be generic because you will have the same sounds and models/sprites as everybody else who does it.

    You can get some software that allows you to edit 3D models and you can make whatever changes you want. You can make your own music with free music creation software and you can record your own SFX if you want as well.

    But it won't be anything impressive really.

    If you want something great it will cost money, or you will need to find programmers and modelers and sound designers to do it all for free, or a share of profits, or a bag of sherbet, which you wont.

    Your other option is to use MUGEN. Its free, all the assets are free, there is a massive community that supports it. And no matter how crap the game is it will do well within the community, because MUGEN.
  • Re: Mr Wizard, Please ban LTG from EVO

    I will sign that.

    What is LTG.
  • Re: Bras are bad for health AKA Boobies Going Their Own Way

    I myself have a fair sized chest that gets a lot of attention from the opposite sex. And I agree. I never wear a bra and my nipples are perfect. The only thing pulling them down is the 3mm hoops in each one.