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  • Re: Trying to dive into the original Tekken games

    I personally don't find Tekken to be a slow game at all. Granted if you aren't using the more advanced movement mechanics then you will feel sluggish. But Tekken is very much a game that is based on your preferred play style.

    In Street fighter you have different style of characters such as shoto and charge. In Tekken you don't really have that. Which leaves it a lot more open to just play how you want. And you can really change things up in the middle of game.

    Learn the three styles. In-attack-out. Attack-movement-attack. And King, which is hunt for a blocked attack and then throw.

    The easiest way to play Tekken is to be able to change between ways of playing it. In the beginning of the round you could be using you movement to keep you out of their range and entice them to come in. When they do you side step and whiff punish. Using your superior movement again you will keep away and when they start encroaching you will start throwing out pokes. A lot of which are pretty safe on block. And a good thing to do then is to over commit to something safe and back dash. If they don't do anything you go back to movement. And repeat. When you commit to something safe and aback dash again, they may try follow you with a move which will have you in the perfect position to whiff punish.

    Tekken is very much a game about movement and creating situations that benefit you. If you can't move well or if you can't plan ahead and react to their reactions, then you are going to have a hard time. Especially since Tekken's fundamentals are widely considered to be the hardest fundamentals in any fighting game.

    Of course against the computer this is all worthless as they don't play Tekken the way the world plays Tekken. Just pick somebody with long legs and spam low pokes. Set to easy. And one round matches. If you are playing the older games because the new one is dropping soon then perhaps just watch the previously on Tekken type videos on YT.

    Very few things you learn will carry over.
  • Re: How do you get permisson to host an event?


    Nothing needed except the games and the gamers. With Nintendo stuff you have previously needed their permission to stream or post the game content on Youtube. But all they would do if you don't have their permission is ask you to take it down.

    However with the new move towards being more involved with the E-Sport situation they haven't been doing that much lately.

    Just host the thing and have fun.
  • Re: Married Biology Teacher Traumatized 17-Year-Old Male Student With Sex Romps, Cops Say


    So is she going to prison because she gave this lucky AF kid everything he was probably dreaming since he first started in her class. I mean, its not like she gave him an A on his report as payment or anything.
  • Re: Do YOU do any Martial Arts?

    If you are feeling the pain in the muscles then its nothing to worry about, follow my post above. And just keep training. The only time you need to worry is when you tear the muscle, which you will know all about and you would take your self to a DR. Or when you have pain in the joints. If you tear a muscle you won't be walking so you cant train. And when you hurt a joint you will know it isn't the muscle and you can stay off of it for a while.