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  • Re: Predicting And Understanding A Situation

    The answer will change a lot as you get better. In the beginning you will want to try be as safe as possible and not throw out any move randomly. Until you have a good level of control over your spacing, throwing out random moves will often get you blown up. As you get better you can play with your spacing to entice your opponent to attack you so you can whiff punish them for it. That is more often than not what is going on when you play a better player.

    The reason they will walk up and attack you sometimes when you expect them to walk back, is because they expected you to expect them to walk back. You have been conditioned to react they way you do and they take advantage of you. As you get better you will be able to do this to others.

    You sound like you are blocking to much, holding yourself back from taking your turn. You will need to just play more and learn what you can and cant attack after. You could read frame data and learn it, but I Would recommend just playing and trying things out as you will learn better that way and its more fun.

    There is no real optimal move. You will have a good normal to use as a poke, and you will have a different normal when somebody jumps in at you. Even then if they jump from far the anti air you use wont be the same as the anti air you would use if they jumped in from close.

    When you are trying to whiff punish, you shouldn't be trying to react to a move, you should be predicting it. So you need to watch them closely and look for clues they let slip as to when they like to do what. You can then try set them up to be in that situation and when you think they will do something you can preemptively punish them for it. For instance if they attack every time you get with in a certain range, and always use the same attack, you can walk up to that range and walk back. If you do it to slow you will just block what they throw out. If not, you will leave the range where they can hit and you can send out your counter normal. If they tried to attack you you will end up punishing their whiff. If they don't attack, you will be safely out of range from any whiff punishing they attempt on your attack.

    Watch a shit ton of Youtube videos on footsies or neutral or space control. Many people explain it differently, so its worth watching a lot from different people so you can build up your own understanding of it.

    From there just have some combos practiced. When you anti air have a follow up combo. When you get good enough to hit confirm, you can have a combo to rock off your whiff punishes. Have a combo you do when you have knocked them down and you want to pressure them. Have a combo specifically for the corner.

    Get those sorts of things down and you will be doing a lot better a lot quicker.
  • Re: 10/01/2017 Las Vegas Strip Shooting

    It doesn't invalidate anything when the discussion is about guns and people discuss guns.

    It isn't about waging war. It's about saying something is illegal and then when people break the law they face the repercussions. Not everything needs to be a war. Simply calling it a war gets people all antsy about it.

    No matter how you want to slice it. Making guns illegal helps. Yes there are countries with people who own guns, with some low level crime stats. But those countries don't have over hyped citizens who call everything a war and have to always fight everything. America is to 'merica for guns. Just accept it. The country is tense and super indoctrinated into an aggressive mass. If you didn't have those handguns available those mass shootings would be less. And only happen by people who have the fire arm illegally anyway.

    There is nothing but good that can come from outlawing guns.

    My bad, I didn't think of taking on a convenience store with a baseball bat. I wouldn't have assumed that could happen. You have a point on that. But at least the patrons and shop clerk have more of a chance to defend themselves and handle the situation than they would have if there was a gun involved.
  • Re: 10/01/2017 Las Vegas Strip Shooting

    Darksakul wrote: »
    angelpalm wrote: »
    Raz0r wrote: »
    Yet there will be no legislation on automatic weapons. America!

    The weapon that the terrorist used was estimated to cost 65k and is extremely hard to get a hold of, but apparently not hard enough.
    Raz0r wrote: »
    Yet there will be no legislation on automatic weapons. America!

    Criminals are NOT going to observe Gun laws. The way the underground gun market is, its only a question do you have enough cash for one.

    You know why the automatic Minigun is still legal, it cost thousands of dollars in Ammo to shoot one for a few minutes, only the super rich can even afford one.
    There also only 11 ever made for civilian use.

    You know who has the strictest gun laws in the western Hemisphere, Mexico. Only legal sellers, buyers and traders of arms and ammunition is the Mexican Federal government, and it's handled by their military.
    How much gun crime Mexico still sees? Mexico makes our Vegas Shooting looks like a slow tuesday.

    Regardless of whether or not criminals will do criminal things. Reducing gun ownership of "non criminal citizens" has a huge impact on gun related crime. Telling somebody something is wrong, and then having them go behind your back and do the wrong thing is on them. Telling them you would rather control it and have them misbehave in your house, and then they do, that is on you.
  • Re: I really want to play but I have a disability

    Don't forget Wheels from KI.
  • Re: Choosing a fighting game (I need some help!)

    I second Guilty Gear. Absolutely fantastic game. I haven't had a chance to really get into the last Blaz that was released. Tekken 7 is a must play.
    And Persona was good when I played on the 360.

    The one thing you need to keep in mind is the games that aren't main stage at Evo will have smaller communities. I like that. It tends to mean the player base are on a much higher level as the newer players either git gud or give up. So if you can get in you will always have challenging matches. Easy enough to do. Just find the discord.