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  • Re: Ultra Street Fighter 4 General

    Delayed Wakeup in here schooling people. Good shit man
  • Re: Ultra Street Fighter 4 General

    Yea if your going to have healing mechanics, they should be implemented like Ragna in BlazBlue, not a reward for losing. I cant believe people are actually defending this retarded shit lmao.
  • Re: Ultra Street Fighter 4 General

    Eternal wrote: »
    Again, tali, you keep forgetting I have you on ignore you can @ me all you want but I wont read it. Why is this so hard to understand? I don't mean to keep ranting but you keep @ mentioning me and I keep pointing it out. Just put me on ignore already for god sakes man. Ignore my posts. ANYONE who finds me annoying: simply click on my name and go up to the top right and click that button that says "ignore" and my posts go away *poof*

    Do you ever shut the fuck up?
  • Re: USF4 Tier List Thread (updated October 2015)

    Xian seems to me that he's struggling with DWU a lot. He also doesn't anti air in crucial spots

    Now that a lot of BS setups are gone you're seeing players like Bonchan, Daigo, Itabashi, Snake Eyez etc. That were always winning with good footsies and anti airs dominating while players like Xian are struggling.
  • Re: Ultra Street Fighter 4 General

    Qu_Ane wrote: »
    I feel like I'm missing something with C. Viper. Is she special heavy or is she just made for poking? Actually I'm probably not trying hard enough at her normals, but usually I can see this stuff like a blueprint. Right now I'm just like...what?

    Well she's definitely not made for poking I can tell you that.

    I would recommend burn kicking more.