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  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: A SHADOW FALLS!

    I don't wanna care about Mahvel but they did a nice retouch on Chun face mold a bit than before. Not just lazy shaders like they usually do.

  • Re: SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

    Fretless94 wrote: »
    Even if you used fight money and not real money, that's still a waste of fight money for a character that you generally won't be winning more fight money with. And even if most characters aren't designed with tiers in mind, there's a difference between them and a character whose entire purpose in existing is to suck more than everybody else.

    Agree on this part, The rest isn't about the lore nowadays since SF4 because in some areas Dan is better than Ryu in terms of viability/effectiveness of moves. The personality and animation does the job to represent the lore not the effectiveness which is seen also in SF4.
  • Re: SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

    About the recent Bosses...

    and why Capcom cannot make a new badass boss similar to Dictator/Bison, Urien, Akuma and Gill.

    1.) Story wise

    The game was set before SF3. Every boss that appeared in the game were filler bosses or "temporary boss" that never meant to over power of the prior bosses that also exist in the same parallel or overlap them.

    2.) Thinking out of the box if you were a company that handle a huge pop culture franchise:

    To make the sequel effective and easily manageable without any conflicting reasons.

    Imagine if you are a company that would always introduce a bad ass boss that is more powerful, has more connection and knowing than the previous that has his own secret organization around the world bigger than the previous boss in every sequel. What next venture you would go through? Aliens? Dieties? and Parallel dimension just to justify the newer is in fact larger the the previous.

    3.) Seth, Necali and Fang:

    Without looking into a narrow perspective of visuals and character move sets, You would understand the real point of existence of those characters because they represent an idea of tool to progress a story.

    This boss guys are meant to unlikable, disposable and hated not to be admired and never to be attach with unlike Rugal and Geese. So disliking them meant they have performed their role correctly.

    Because the real idea of them to exist is not to replace the iconic bosses they were meant to be a tool of empower their role in the story progression in the future.

    Story wise, without them we would end up silly story plots as an excuse rather than established ideas that compromised and complementary to each other.

    4.) Gameplay Wise:

    Seth was a android or cyborg and was meant to be like collective date of existing street fighter that is disposable so yeah he was not to be likeable overall like I mentioned earlier. Yet his super moves were meh because his far from his lore.

    Looking back to his lore by design, His design if ever he or a clone of him would have return in SF sequel is guarantee to be interchangeable with an ease and no need for bizarre explanatory, His like Gill with built in abilities that would justify every return, Unlike Bison that had been retcon in various ways by means huge throwback and flashback to fit existence in a sensible manner not a bizarre explanation. Thank Seth, Rose and Fang for having a better Bison of today or tomorrow. Wait don't forget to add Ed soon.

    Seth was an effective sacrifice to elaborate Bison's potentials and capabilities of existence than whatever Rose had done in Alpha which had led only to bizarre theories before SF4 existence. Without this kind of filler characters Bison from Sf2 background would be locked into Dream matches like SNK does with Rugal.

  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: A SHADOW FALLS!

  • Re: SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

    Im okay with Rufus with his moves but ireally hate his story, it's the most retard ever having mistaking every blond to be ken master it's yo much it's not even funny. The only thing that redeems his character in terms of story was being a biker and her having a girlfriend.

    Fuerte seems okay from moves and playstyle but the story of him that talks everything about cooking even in fighting seems out of place yet his really average character compare to rufus story meh.

    I like Abel since overall since SF4 from moves and story yet Capcom in the ASF/storymode role was so disapointing, I still like Abel though but I wouldn't mind him be replace by BYRON TAYLOR that probably can offer better story along and especially the important part is a new and better improved gameplay base on SAMBO.

    Hakkan I like his goofyness he the flexibility of his plot that can be put on any future street fighter with the need of excuse reason that can lead to story meh direction plus unlike fuerte and rufus with strange relationship with important characters. Best of all his moves and gameplay is interesting and unique.

    Juri and Viper nothing bad I don't mind Viper moves being like a kof or similar to captain commando because she is unique in her game and can offer a different playstyle. I really like characters from sf that are unique and have flexible plot and intention in the story.

    I hoping now for Tom, Delta Red representative, Effie and Byron for new characters that I need to see playable I don't really have a particular standard that they should be thisand that other than just being improve versions of previous characters martial arts without being a clone of the previous for example ED which is okay.