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  • Re: EXTRA BATTLE: Thoughts and Ideas for DLC Costumes and NPC Encounters!!

    Daemos wrote: »

    For FANG.

    You get a sexy GOLD STAR on your forehead if you recognize the reference.


    Alejandro Jodorowsky, The Alchemist in The Holy Mountain

  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: A SHADOW FALLS!

    Some of Xkira claims of datamine doesn't require testing at all or it's functionality isn't approciate/pointless in UX design.

    I have two speculation about this...

    If Xkira purposely fake his followers like he usef to. He doesn't even admit stuff he grabs on Capcom site.

    Or is Capcom trying to messed up dataminers like him.

    But looking on how Xkira has done stuff it looks like it is his template of Ui. His focussing so much with Extra Mode because he knows that were SF fans can get attentions so he can gain more followers

    Then he just add Dramatic Mode to the mix for casuals.

    ULTRA SF2's Buddy Mode is a better dramatic mode, it had been a special feature because it's hard to do for a game that was never planned it in the beggining. The rest of the first person hadouken is just like a mobile app game.

    Why would Capcom still used the term dramatic mode... Wait till Xkira learned that dramatic mode in other games can be played not just by using 2 character but also 4v4... Then he'll add Tag mode to gain more followers.

    The worst thing we could end up to this is for Capcom to take advantage of Xkira's devious stuff by using people anticipation to expect something that they didn't announce or said.
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  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: A SHADOW FALLS!

    mykka wrote: »
    Flowtron has backed up Kira:
    Morrigan = Chun
    Ingrid = Karin
    Megaman = Ryu
    Jin Saotome = Ryu
    C.Commando = Guile
    Dante = Ken
    Donovan = Urien

    @mykka from were was that came from? is that flowtron's new comments in eventhubs?

    Morrigan = Chun is kinda just physique, icon and projectile.

    They should have reserve Morrigan to more decent future characters.. Lilith's gonna be Sakura?

    Ingrid should have been better with Menat personality and movement/animation standpoint.
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  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: A SHADOW FALLS!

    The story behind Arika’s mysterious fighting game

    Scotia wrote: »
    Kira is so full of shit it's honestly pathetic at this point.

    His like a loose cannon for attention right now.

    Like Controllable NPC? and online matches in Extra modes is kinda weird.
  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: A SHADOW FALLS!

    Volt wrote: »
    Unless Kira has access to the Zeku Patch, I'm not taking anything he's saying seriously. He's got nothing new to mine and show.

    On the other hand, the possibility of new info about VT2 and Sagat coming in the Zeku patch is definitely something to keep in mind.

    Correct me if I'm wrong is that the video were in Ryu stage that does super moves and does had already SFVAE (HUDS)?

    People were asking it to him in how did he managed to access Zeku that early and does have Ae hud, but the video was from Capcom Japan website that he just uplaoded in his YT channel.