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  • Re: SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

    The other way Capcom could with Effie is with invisibility.

    If Capcom is creative in enough to explore invisibility as basis of special moves that would be new in fighting games.

    I know characters that cam change there size and turn invisible but not specials that are based on it.

    They could make her like a character that used counter based specials and had fake teleports like Dio's specials.

    I knew some character that can turn invisible but not as a basis of specials. So a counter basis character that disappear and appear in a different position to perform an attack probably would workes.
  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: A SHADOW FALLS!

    Some Costume stuff



    I didn't take the Arcade mode ending seriously as soon as I see RYU's Classic SF2 ending... with Bison and Sagat together

    I think there is a miscommunication with the artist like the usual problem.

    but probably we'll get a bit of information there for some that we were never aware before.

  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: A SHADOW FALLS!

    Why is everyone assuming we're getting a boss at the end of each path? There's no way Gill is making it in after being reduced to a mere costume and no one wants Seth in another game.

    Even they made it into as costume it is still possible to use him as an NPC with unique function like the possible Shin Necali and Shin Bison.

    As for Seth, We had Juri which disposed Seth in SF4? Correct me if I am wrong.

    If they add Seth that would be just another NPC. yet still Juri is better than Seth in SF4

    Edit: I guess it is
    When I saw this:

    I initially got really excited at the possibility of potentially 21 new characters! Then I realised its Capcom we're talking about... Sadly, I fear many of these fights will be against different "versions" of the character (see alpha ryu) or palette swap/skins. Eg. "Gill" as actually urien and "Sean" as actually Ken.

    Heres hopin tho!

  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: A SHADOW FALLS!


    Is Viewtiful Joe Alt? ALTERNATE? Big head?


    Mad gear NPC!!
  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: A SHADOW FALLS!

    DarthEnder wrote: »
    And I don't mean the process itself is expensive, it's that the style doesn't work with alt costumes.

    Right now, alt costumes are making Capcom a lot of money, and having costumes that operated with procedurally generated clothing and hair physics basically lets them crank out those costumes quickly.

    Agree with the money thing also especially in SFV direction. SFV business model is really in favor of that idea and they didn't earn that much with the initial sale but they probably earn as successful like other titles from DLC aspect.

    The thing is Arcsys uses a different of cell shading technique that they perfected which is "highly customized" that makes it exclusive to their works, Is a method that tries to replicate 2D fighters animation not just art direction but even also in terms of lighting and shading. That probably requires each alternate costumes/skins a lot of hard work because of unique customized values.

    The traditional process of cell shading not XRD unique approach had been long existing take doesn't limit Capcom in using alternate costumes for SF4 but they choose the design that make humorous and comedic expression like trendy memes that spreads in internet. So probably more an artistic choice in SF4 before any monetizing idea came into SFV5.

    The facial expression is more cartoonish (western) in reaction a which is commonly confused to japanese anime aesthetics in general.

    This cartoonish reaction like the bulging eyeballs wouldn't work successfully and effective to used as often with cell shading as artistic choice.





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