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  • Re: SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

    My thoughts regarding Sakura.

    Alternate Color blue should have been a default for Sakura rather than the black.

    It kept her color palette and color wheel strongly intact.

    Not originally my feedback and I didn't notice it, it came from a fellow collector that both collects and cosplays Sakura while also an artist that featured in a Udon compilations arts.

    But I have the similar preference and thoughts somewhere earlier in the thread last year in case the costume would be updated.

    I'm not a Sakura fan or not into her in anyway.

    We didn't have the same thoughts and preference, I'm on the opposite side regarding the character development in SFV's Sakura's Individual Story mode, which I know where her stand point is.


    I always wanted used the argument "lifestyle" limitation as a way to imply characters development rather than doing something reckless, dressing something out of the character design or making them act out of the character.

    Lifestyle is even ask if you need medical assistance to our your possible routine, mindset and obsession that may used to identify clearly our problems and know the possibilities that cause of our difficulties. Since in reality we can't do everything at the same time and we can't be everywhere at the same time also. Even if a wealthy person hire somebody to do a job for him/her that doesn't makes him/her an expert because of the lack of the important part which is real time experience and understanding with accuracy that see things in a natural perspective with all the observation, risk and consequences, that also includes the loss possibilities and opportunities not just a summarize that data that aims to convince and sounds good on paper.

    Confidence, determination and motivation can be also a illusion of a actuality, Life isn't just what we think about like what we wanted and it's not also about just resources but also possibilities. Capcom put's it into reality in Sakura by integrating lifestyle limitations in Sakura as a way of growth rather than just making her do some way crazy decision or way too different looks just for some to assume she is matured which is lazy and poor writing. I really like what Capcom did for her.

  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    Agree SGS wasn't even SGS in ST.

    I even viewed it before to just Akuma stealing the final battle and center stage because of the finalist being worthty.

    We all know and familiar that the first Akuma have SUPER BARS and SUPER MOVES was his debut in XMEN ATOM and not in Alpha. That has no SGS commands and Silver Samurai and Wolverine also did the same blackout SGS like animation in their ending in COTA. To represent a fast paced battle that cause a knockout.

    So we knew that Akuma intervention in ST in the beggining was planned to never intended to kill Bison other stealing his battle.

    I used to viewed this like the Undertaker in WWF when I wad young.
  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    Wait are we getting a DBz vibe here that children easily learn techniques but Dan that is a student and martial artist can't still do it the right way.. That's kinda off

    I prefer His SF3 ending which makes more sense.

    I'm glad they still used that Sakura outfit from the manga, I hope to see it as an alt since it's strong pop culture reference.

    Wow glad to see him again in a TAG fight against Mika and Gief. i always try to makw him part of my SFV fanfic cntinuity but with Laura instead. I really glad that Capcom never forget him in SFV i'm glad he still stays even just a background character.
  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    Social media stuff


    4KOMA credits to O Cantinho de Bia Chun-Li
  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    My Spoiler Free reaction
    Guile's SFV ending:

    I prefer that ending that what we had in Cinematic mode. Then still everything progresses naturally like Nash is defeated and Ryu finish things out.
    Ryu's Alpha ending:

    Another thing it's kinda good seeing how they choose Ryu's SFA ending than the other SFA endings which is more compromising to the current events like what they did with Nash. So that means both encounters still happens even the other one is not featured as a selected default SFA ending for Ryu. Or unless the choosen SFA Ryu ending in AE is another what if... I hope not
    Menat's ending:

    Similar thoughts with everyone, Looking good and awesome
    Cammy in SFV:
    The comic shows Cammy returning from her mission and being greeted by the freed Dolls and the other guys at Delta Red (implying that the whole fugitive thing has been completely ignored just like I expected), i think the Dolls were showing her some cake (were they celebrating her birthday or something?) and the text says that Cammy has started to lighten up and give up on her always-so-serious attitude.



    So she's confirmed DEAD*? She is missing?
    I also did Vega's arcade ladder in SFV in case he had some interaction with Cammy:
    He didn't.

    His ending shows him leaving Shadaloo base and apparently thinking about the next fight to get into. The comic also shows him fighting against someone that looks like Geki, implying that he was the guy Vega was talking about. The two are shown fighting in a claw to claw battle.

    Overall pretty pointless, but the Geki cameo is really nice and the idea of two claw users fighting each others is also nice.


    And He is confirmed ALIVE*? and the CFN information was wrong about him?
    Kolin's SFV ending:

    This have been a issue in discussion before about her attachment. Now this clarify to which it is because this one had been specific.

    Thank you guys for Sharing the ending stuff