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  • Re: I'm Not The Only One Right?

    Don't bother with the letter grades, really, they're no indication if you're getting better or not. I'm not going to repeat what others have said here. But I do agree with them although I have to supplement what's already been said with a few things.

    1. The best way to learn the game is to just play it.
    2.sometimes advanced techniques will make you worse because you don't understand all the reasons why they're used why they work and how/when to use them
    3. Even if #2 isn't true, you'll generally get worse, then better as you integrate it in your game (this can be because of #2 as well
    4. Play any damn character you like, don't pick ryu just because people say he's a good beginner character. That simply isn't more true of rye than any other character. Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses and experiences while learning the game.
    5. Don't just rely completely on information. Learn in increments. You might not be getting enough positive/negative reinforcement for what you already know and are adding more to your plate.
    6. Find someone in person to review your play. You'll get immediate feedback which you can directly relate to a specific game and situation I instead of general feedback with no specific link or context. Remember there are no hard rules and every rule has an exception.

    If also suggest after getting comfortable with a character to stick with them.even through your bad matchups.specialize. you'll get better faster and you can avoid a lot of information you don't need.
  • Re: Finger pain from arcade stick

    cidbahamut wrote: »
    It could be that your stick is badly designed. I used to get pain until I switched to a better stick. What stick/parts do you have?

    and what are you used to playing on? Pad? keyboard?
    Pretty sure that's not the issue since I'm playing on a Madcatz SFIV tournament edition stick(the 20th anniversary one to be specific).

    Blew out my finger again this weekend. It's really perplexing since it's just my right index finger and that's honestly the finger I use the least.

    The fact that you say its the finger that you use the least hurts tells me quite a bit. All your fingers are connected. the most likely explanation based on my experience with slight of hand, flourishes, piano, and many other activities requiring digital dexterity. Is that you're not relaxed and you are on your way to injuring yourself very seriously. check the following things:

    clenching - are your muscles engaged too much ? really your muscles should only be engaged for the split second you touch the button. If you need to hold the button it should be done by the weight of your finger/hand rather than "pushing" with your muscles.

    pressure. do you feel any pressure on yourwrist / pinky / thumb? (or anyhere else) this may be caused by muscles being engaged like i said earlier, but it could also be an awkward positioning of your hand. make sure your wrist doesn't resemble a car/trailer jackknife your wrist should be relatively aligned and straight.

    You could also be pushing down on the base of the stick with your wrist while trying to push your buttons. this restricts the movement of the fingers, and while you are pressing the buttons you are forcing your fingers to work much harder than they need to be. free up your wrist and use them to assist in the motion of pressing the buttons.

    of course there could be many other things, but it's a place to start, and again from my experience doing / teaching many skills requiring microdextarity I feel that this is the most likely cause (some muscle somewhere in your hand is engaged too much and when it shouldn't be. without actually being there and looking and poking at parts of your hand im not going to be able to identify which muscle it is. but try to be more aware the next time you play. if you feel pain STOP IMMEDIATELY.

    Also, i'm not a doctor, take my advice with a grain of salt. also. you should consult a doctor.