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    Let's be real here: 90% of this forum

    10% of this forum is JROD IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS like the Cookie Monster

    And the people he stole all their capital letters from like LiukangBGBG;no:re coming around trying to get them back.
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    We shouldn't have left you

    Without that dope beat to step to

    Step To Step To
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    Pertho wrote: »
    J-ride wrote: »
    I don't care that people are transgendered, I'm just tired of having that shit shoved down my throat every fucking day. How many articles need to address this subject? I will forever stand by the idea that transgender males competing in female events is completely unfair and ludicrous. Might as well show a guy who juiced his whole way through competitions and call him strong and brave.

    The tricky thing about this situation is that the cultures that allow for this to happen also have a strong sense of male and female. Transgendered people are given their own space and they can live life hassle free. In the U.S. though we have all sorts of complicated systems that make the "living hassle free" more complicated than just being.

    This is going to speed up the questions about the biology of the situation though. Gonna be interesting when people have to really ask how much of an advantage the male frame has over the female one.
    I'm not hating, just pointing out a fact that men and women are born different, and those differences carry over if someone decides to have a sex change. You can't "stop" being what you were born as.

    So I have to respectfully disagree with you, and I think the differences between men and women have a great deal to do with video games.

    Link 1 -
    Link 2 -

    Mathematical Abilities: Men excel in this area, thus making it easier to understand things like Frame Data, + Frames, - Frames, Input Lag, Damage Output, Time Left, Joystick Notation (623A etc.). In Non-Fighting games, men can excel at things like Resource Management better (Starcraft), Number Crunching Levels (WoW/Any RPG) (Link 1)

    Spacial Reasoning Abilities: Men excel in this area, making it easier to read a map, solve a maze, understand a 3d shape and its dynamics, key skills in any video game. Men would be able to understand spacing in a fighting game better than a woman, and thus excel better at "footsies". An Arcade Stick also is a 3d shape which rotates and moves in complex directions to perform executions in a fighting game. Men with better spacial reasoning are better equipped to see how to manipulate a joystick in 3d space to get the required output. In other games other than fighting games, things like navigating a landscape comes much more naturally to a male, so things like Call of Duty MW2 a male will always have an advantage over a woman because they can navigate the maze naturally better than a woman. (Link 1 and 2)

    Motor-Coordination: Women are better at "fine" motor-coordination with small objects such as an electrical wire or sewing. Men excel at "gross" motor-coordination, with objects that require force and speed. An Arcade Stick or a Game Pad are not small objects, and require difficult fast inputs to perform and execute commands in a fighting game. Systematic Mashing is often required in fighting games (Breaking a Throw, Plinking, Mashing for Extra Damage), which is something that requires force and speed, which men excel better than women at. There are many links that can be 1 or 2 frames, so the speed of input needs to be great, another thing that men excel at. (Link 2)

    Pain: Women are much more pain sensitive then men are. Waiting for your match in a tournament in a room full of sweaty guys and no place to sit can cause discomfort for anyone. Women are the first to vocalize their pain and do something to relieve it (ie leave the tournament area and risk a DQ) (Link 1)

    Emotion: Women are more emotionally sensitive than men, thus someone who is a transgender that was once a man, knowing this could attempt to "Talk Shit" to the other female player and provoke an emotional response, thus ruining the female player's game. The transgender thus has no effect on their own emotions because they carry over the same emotional disconnect that males have, and now the woman has been placed in a disadvantage. (Link 1)

    This is what was done, in depth with no capital letters.

    Just wait until he uses Capital Letters.

    Oh dang guess the p7 guy just didn't use the capital letters.

    Earlier in strange people EVO section thread, the kinda squiggas who will talk about their hate mail over fullscreen Ultra Yoga boogies. but won't ever see that dude MIKE ROSS
    By Asian AMERICAN noodle drama RUINED THE EXPERIENCE FOR ALL. Cept dat EHonda playah. :bgrin:
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    How you need to start that day. Or else you cant SGS without the Goku. :coffee: