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  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    Gary "Buster" Holmes!

    Not Random Black guy! He's in Kiwami, you already forget?!

    (Randomly see him for a 2nd ever time up a tower doe SPOILER. "Yeah I work for Majima now")
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    Gimpy wrote: »

    I was jamming to this. :rofl:

    The sad part is I think I know the fat dude. That voice sounds way too familiar.

    black Jaguar
    After drinking RockB's Bathwater

    And watching angelpalms Goof Troop spinoff animay recommends

  • Re: Tell me how you play video games. For science!

    Gav391 wrote:
    Now as a gamer myself (WoW Heroic Antorus Raider),
    I feel like I have a good grasp of the gaming community
    No you don't. Wow gold spambot ass greaseball leech.

    You'll coward won't even ask James Chen if he's a virgin

    And Smash players if they have jobs. You'll showers dont even one time in your entire adult life
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    like 10 scrolls to get thru daboog garbage

    And a quote on this page. from noob/alt account about way old post. & it wasn't even the Federline Booker T one. Or Spirit Bomb.. which they didn't put in motion?

    fuck ya'll cowards. Orange suit from Dumb and Dumber was a drop down, quick change a whole outfit option. Hence Willy Wonka. Maybe his Runts candy orange cousin. The guys who saved obesity imploring Hostess bankruptcy should go save Bitstrips instead also. Pose Urien on top of the Earth, in his character saved part. Beach spliffer pupil dilater might've been named Reginald. All those crazy shits were already created default choose character guys. Fucking Stan Lee?
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    A thought just came up. @WTF-AKUMA-HAX , a while ago on SRK there was a thread dedicated to posting comics from an online comic maker by Cartoon Network. It was supposed to be used for anti-bullying messages, but SRKers were going crazy making their own nonsense. I remember there was a series of absurd ones involving villains called "Keth Sillian" and "Willy Blanka" screwing over Capcom fans. Was that your doing? If so, do you still have them?

    (What do you need it for/where are you going to post it?)


    @Hotobu made his own great ones, in the thread too. Thread might've been locked after my bump (from seeing it in the collage of best threads of the year) Some of the fighting game ones could be on know your meme, Dr. Doom Footdive, Terry Bogard RISING TACKLE! (Gal-O-Sengen, Parappa)

    R.I.P. bitstrips. They shut down. Or turned into phone emoji junk. I had a Saved Urien character...