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I am no longer a competitive fighting game player. Its been real fun but all things come to an end.


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  • Re: MvC Infinite CHARACTER Speculation/Request Thread

    flicky wrote: »
    I predicted Juggernaut a while ago and got slammed pretty heavily, but it's interesting that Dr. Strange references Cyttorak by using the Crimson Bands to try and restrain the Symbiote. So it's not so hard to push that perhaps maybe somehow just a little bit that it's a reference to potentially seeing the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak further down the line. They could have left any reference to Cyttorak out of the game entirely but instead chose to give it that one little plug, it seems more of a hint than a story element that we have a need to know that Dr. Strange has the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.

    And it's interesting that all this is happening in Earth-616.

    Eh, Strange has referred to Cytorrak forever in the comics, doubt it's a call back.
  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: Monter Hunter is U N G G A W A I F U 4 U N G G A L A I F U

    I think I've doomed myself to asshole low damage high execution characters that will make me hemmorage. Rocket isn't really low damage, just fucking WANTING. Firebrand is my boy and all but his damage seems to be pretty arse, it's even wierd comboing into his air super now. Teams extremely ass but maybe by the time I stop playing these pricks together they'll make a good helper for my whoever I end up after my character crisis.
  • Re: MvCI Meta and Tier Discussion

    Rockets spitfire has shit durability and gets eaten up by a lot, his super is pretty ass for super lockdown too as it doesn't cover much vertical space. Frankly with the much slower rocket skates, jumping grenade being duckable, inability to lay multiple super traps etc he's pretty nerfed compared to what he used to be. Granted that took a lot of execution. (Yes, I know it's a new game but did you know how LONG I grinded for boulder trap loops lol) It also seems his hurtbox is bigger than before, gotta be careful with those buttons or be out ranged. I dunno, the other coon was much more fun.
  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: Monter Hunter is U N G G A W A I F U 4 U N G G A L A I F U

    Funny how many people get hit with raw projectile supers once I hear "Reality Stone" and get mad happy birthdays because they tag right after.
    Yes, raw supers, I do that.
  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: Monter Hunter is U N G G A W A I F U 4 U N G G A L A I F U

    Floe said it's good, Plaid said it's good, my neighbor said it's good, it's probably good. Gonna get on myself tonight.

    I say it's good, but I may be a fuggin lying shill.