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I am no longer a competitive fighting game player. Its been real fun but all things come to an end.


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  • Re: MvCI Meta and Tier Discussion

    I'm kind of sold on Morrigan being fucking amazing in this game, just a different kind of amazing.
    After getting beat by a guy who seemed to play like a joke shadow blading everywhere I went into
    the lab to see what could be done about it without a lockdown special or super to stop the bitch.
    I couldn't interrupt her practically at all, with Monster Hunter or Firebrand. It was so funny I just
    had to stop playing for the night. I was also surprised to see that even light shadow blade beats
    all normal armor options like what?

    If shadow blade is the only reason that you think that Morrigan is amazing in this game, then Chun Li would be even better. Not only do tenshos do what shadow blade does, with the added bonus of her kick super being a better follow up than missiles, but Chun's rushdown and pressure are so much better than Morri's.

    Good for me I think Chun li is amazing, but real talk I find blocking stupid morrigan shit harder and honestly, I tested Chun Lis fucking kicks and I had a harder time interrupting
    Morrigan. 4 frame jab or not the BEST I could do generally was trade and this was offline. Then again I always go into my range game when fighting Chun Li as sometimes that all
    scrub Chun Lis do all the way cross the screen. I'm used to the bullshit with MonHun with Chun Li though. FireBrand really shouldn't beat her though imo. My point is.....

    Why can everybody else do Ryu shit when Ryu can't do Ryu shit?

  • Re: MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special

    Sigma I think it's more unga than Venom overall. These characters make Hulk look technical.
  • Re: MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special

    Well shit. Guess I'm going to be sticking around.
  • Re: MvCI Meta and Tier Discussion

    I can see that but space works great for:
    Zero, Rocket, Jedah, Dorm, Dante, Firebrand,
    Ultron, Thanos, basically anyone that can put a
    projectile on the screen then move in. If you miss
    ONE powestone technically you should be eating
    a pretty damaging combo.

    People just like to Yolo...especially me LOL
  • Re: MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special

    Pretty good doesn't cut it.