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  • Re: Star Wars

    Duel of Fates was cool, it just didn't belong in a Star Wars movie.
  • Re: Star Wars

    Making Finn a janitor was one of those things that was played for a cheap laugh without actually thinking of all the ramifications it would have on the story; poor screenwriting.

    It's a shame, before Gabi turned into a science experiment she was actually fuckable:

  • Re: Star Wars

    Saw it last night. I'd give it a 5/10 at most.
    +Kylo and Rey's weird relationship was interesting.
    +Seeing Yoda and Luke onscreen together again was cool and Yoda dropped some gems. Also Frank Oz hasn't lost a beat unlike James Earl Jones who sounded like he had the flu in Rogue One.
    +Scene with Luke facing the First Order battalion dolo was cool though it would've been cooler if he were actually there though and not simply projecting.
    +Special effects were good.
    +Some of the jokes were funny.

    -Rose was pointless, as was her and Finn's whole caper. Failed to get the original Master Codebreaker, and got a knock-off who ended up betraying them anyway. They literally didn't accomplish anything, which would have been fine if they were both better written characters.
    -Luke was handled extremely poorly in both movies and it's overly obvious they're just trying to shuffle the old guard out to make way for their inferior new characters. My problems with how he was written, really carry over from TFA. Running away when shit gets real to hide on some planet while friends and allies get slaughtered only to show up at the 25th hour to provide a distraction long enough for an already decimated rebellion to escape before his pacemaker goes out. Weak as shit and not how I envisioned OT Luke ending up. Also his whole "I'm scared now" about Kylo was lame coming from a guy that faced Vader and the Emperor. You mean to tell me some man-child autist who got bopped by a chick with no training is supposed to be the scariest thing he ever saw? Reminds of 90's comics where they would introduce a new character by having them beat up an established one in order to legitimize said new character; weak and contrived. Apparently Mark Hamill agrees judging from some interviews.
    -Poe was written to be brash and incompetent and a terrible leader. For a second there it almost got interesting with the whole rebel mutiny thing (something we had never seen before) but I guess it's taboo to have a flawed female character in these movies.
    -Rey has no real growth and is too powerful already so there is really no where to go with her character She was already kicking ass and taking names since the first movie and even bested Luke in this one. Luke had progression and growth in all three movies. She does have a little arc with the whole 'you don't have to come from a sacred bloodline to be a Jedi' which was interesting. In fact her interactions with Luke on the island were the most interesting parts of the movie too me. But from here where do they go? It kind of looks like they are going to ship her and Poe.
    -Leia's thing; you know what I'm talking about.

    The problem is Rian Johnson tried to subvert everything. You think Rey is somebody? Nope. You want to learn more about Snoke? Sorry. You think Luke is going to train Rey? No way. No nostalgia and callbacks to a detriment; and I'm not some nostalgia junky. We see Luke's X-wing underwater never to be seen again. In this case it was cutting of your nose to spite your face. I think from here on out we are going to see a gradual decrease in the profitability of Star Wars movies. This movie and episode IX will still make a killing relatively speaking but the sales are going to steadily and steadily decline from this point. With most of the old guard being killed off and hack writers at the helm this thing can only sustain itself for so long. When people get tired of binging on nostalgia what's left?
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  • Re: Justice League/DC movie thread

    Looks like cgi'ed gobbledy gook.

    And why does Aquaman look like a Samoan deity? Give me green and orange Aryan Aquaman.