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  • Re: The most "honest" fighting games you know!!!!

    Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3.
  • Re: MvC3: Magneto: Questions (and Answers) Thread

    forte95 wrote: »
    mag/dorm/dante combos

    I think this is the go to combo:

    Champ bnb -> raw tag dante -> beehive -> backdash -> S H -> stinger BC million carrots -> beehive -> million dollars -> Flare DHC -> teleport S -> flame carpet + jam session (you can call it even if it has been used before since dante is second now) -> dark hole -> super.

    990k of a throw.
  • Re: SRK Math Thread

    pedoviejo wrote: »
    pedoviejo wrote: »
    This is super emberassing but

    24x^3 + x^2 - 8x - 16 = 0

    I've tried factoring by parts and by grouping. I can't find the solution, and I'd rather not have my ti-89 just give me the solution. X = .9845.......

    How do I do this by hand, or is this one of those teduis things

    Do I need to use newtons method?

    Don't forget about the complex roots.

    damn, that looks complicated. Thanks though i'll give it a try. what level math is this btw?

    I tried to solve a fourth degree polynomial by hand for a Field theory course, spent a ton of time and I probably messed up a complex square root and had to repeat everything.

    never again.
  • Re: 2015 UMVC3 SRK Tier/Theory Discussion. 7/10 First Page Tumblr: Power of snapback, Future power teams

    x23 would have been much better if they would have given mirage feints a window of projectile invincible or given her talon strikes the ability to go nullify projectiles. It would given her a niche, she basically has everything else she would need to be a complete character.

    Literally there is no reason, besides character loyalty, to play x23. Jill and Felicia rush down harder while wolverine is easier to play and has better derp. Viper and Firebrand have meterless unblockables. Chaos Dimension can be comboed into and is much easier to set up plus it comes with a universal assist.

    The ability to combo after is what makes Dirt nap amazing.
  • Re: The Football (Soccer) Thread - Season 2017/2018

    Group G : The worst team is Portugal
    Group H : The best (being generous) team is Belgium.

    The seeding system for this world cup was ass.

    I thought all the matches were chosen at random? Didn't know there was a seeding system.

    They are, but the groups have top seeds, meaning this teams wouldn't face each other in group stage : Brazil, Spain, Colombia, Uruguay, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Argentina

    The seeds where chosen using only Fifa rankings which made some groups really good ( Spain/Uruguay/Germany) and others really bad (Colombia, Argentina, Belgium) , since the group stage is randomized there will always be some groups harder than others but thanks to the bad seeding this made almost half of the groups ass which sucks (in my honest opinion).