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  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

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    My life is complete now

    Summarry: Sakura is thirsty

    I really thought that Sakura would kiss Ryu....

    But then, he literally dumped her....

    There's like, so much tension between the 2 now! She literally at the point where she's basically asking to have Ryu's kids and Ryu is just so god damn oblivious.

    He's literally like; "Oh, so your maternal clock is ticking now? No matter, the answer lies in the heart of battle!"

    And Sakura's like; "goddamn you dumbass let's just do the dirty and make a baby already!"

    Ryu can't even listen to the radio any more. Sakura keeps calling the request line and playing this for him.

    Looks like r.Kelly filmed this music video in the Umbrella-owned mansion that the first Resident Evil takes place in
  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    Is it me or do Sakura's SFV ending and her story contradict each other? Ryu seems hesitant about having a disciple in her story (and that's not even what Sakura's hinting at), but in the arcade mode, Sakura is being trained by Ryu. Which one are we supposed to accept as canon?.

    Yes, it does contradict in a way. Since I seen Sakura's new redesign I thought "hey, she looks different, she has the Gouken dojo's Furinkazan insignia on her gloves, maybe she's actually been trained by Ryu since the time we've seen her?" No, some BS, its just a redesign with no actual thought put into it.

    Why does Sakura fret over not having "Kanzuki type money" to being able to travel? The Sakura manga "Sakura Ganbaru" (Sakura Do Your Best) where it already establishes that she sells whatever earnings from street fightings she gets to being able to travel, or just purchase them due to her funding from streetfighting (She won the 2nd place prize in the Kanzaki tournament in the manga, and is able to sell it due to the Kazuki's trophy being made of solid gold).

    So why is she worried? The manga of Sakura did cover this, and as to why they didn't bring it up is beyond me.

    I know, not canon w/e, but it is a simple explanation as to why she can travel the world even in SF4, where you know, she wasn't worried about the funding for her trips.
  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    So if you look at it by each generation.
    Sagat is the Fan fav SF1 character
    Chun is the fave to come out of SF 2
    Sakura is the most popular out of everyone but is also the fan fave rep of Alpha series
    Makoto is the FF rep of SF3
    Juri reps SF4
    and Rashid is SF 5's FF
    Also, Skullo is the fave for the EX series

    Honestly, it kinda makes sense to me, nothing is really surprising to me in this context
  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    From AE:

    You know what, this arcade ending reminds me of something. You know in SFIITAM where Ryu kicks the crap outta Fei Long in the beginning, breaks his arm and shit, and is still able to have a coherent conversation with him about important matters like Shadaloo, Sagat, and Bison like nothing ever happened, even though Fei is in a sling from a broken arm received by Ryu.

    It's like the characteristics we know of SF's are held to the fight itself. Win Quotes, endings, basically everything.

    I read something somewhere by an (alleged) SF fan that basically stated: "SF fans see SF characters as real people."

    And honestly, that's kind of the point. They all (mostly all) have Bdays, countries of origins, blood types, they are all basically their own person and character, and in essence, represent something more than themselves. Though they might fight from time to time, once characters are out of a fight, they're basically just normal people. They talk, they listen, they're even willing to maybe take a selfie or 2, but they're still just normal people at the end of any fight (well, maybe except Bison, but still).

    The FGC is basically like this, and in between the fighting, they came together to address their concerns to keep something they felt was crucial and important, like SRK forums, being alive by any means necessary. That is a great and powerful thing. Especially when SRK was essentially the hub for the online FGC before they were even known as the "FGC" to begin with.

    You know this forum has history when it is featured in the 1st few paragraphs of a Wikipedia article about the FGC

    And honestly, that's what I like sharing with you guys, ultimately is, history.

    History of the SF story itself in all shapes and form.

    I'm like the acting SF story curator, and so, I'd like to share with all of you my SF Media Museum *(thus far).

    SSF Plot Guide II

    Nakahira's Collection

  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    Why are there 2 easter eggs for Dead Rising placed in SFV in a place where virtually no one can see?XaqxB6C.jpg

    So strange...