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  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @Marios Yeah, that's the plan. When I'm back from holiday next month and have access to my tools I'll share all of the measurements, maybe take some pictures or make a video as well.
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @wazwuz @Ippo I'll definitely post thoughts and measurements in a few weeks' time once I've had the opportunity to play with it :)
    I heard it costed 50,000 won apiece - about as much as a Fujin. A little pricey but apparently the owner came to the arcade just to assemble the levers for my friend when he asked for them. Made to order!

    Also I set up a basic Discord server for us. It would be useful to have even if the forums do stay alive. Please join and keep our community thriving!


    If your Discord username isn't the same as your SRK username, you can change your nickname in the server to match if you prefer. It would make it easier for people to recognise each other that way.
  • Re: Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

    anyone knows what reputation have the hori joystick in japan right now? specially opinions by japanese top players.

    Most Japanese I talk to aren't very fond of Hori parts in general. Some go so far as to call them straight up trash, which is going pretty far for Japanse people. I see a lot of people buying their controllers though, probably because they're cheap and readily available, but they always swap out the parts for Sanwas.
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    Snubnoze wrote: »
    blankaex wrote: »
    wazwuz wrote: »
    eyeamg0dly wrote: »
    just got my golden crown kit for my 309mj.

    tried red grommet with the smallest shaft (8mm) and biggest actuator (16mm). it was a little too stiff but not terrible. switched out to the blue grommet, tension was great but i was banging into the collar way too much. switched the shaft to the middle (9mm) and it feels really good. i still hit the collar sometimes, but its only in the corners. i think i can adjust to it. the stiffer grommet does feel like a workout though. when i get the chance sometime over the weekend, ill try the green grommet and the biggest shaft.

    overall i am pretty impressed. thanks to wazwuz, I can't wait to get my golden fanta kit now ;)
    Snubnoze wrote: »

    I picked up the Golden Crown kit from the post office today, just barely scratching the surface but off first mod with green gromet, 1mm spring, 9mm shaft, and 15.5mm actuator it's already a drastic improvement in feel over the stock 309MJ. The quality of your gromets compared to the stock ones is visually obvious.

    If I can offer any critique, I would suggest bumping the dust washer diameter to 31mm, which would allow it to be used without stacking and still be able to cover the hole when in action.

    I forsee myself taking my HRAP3 apart many times over the next few days...

    Thank you for the feedback.

    Bigger Dust washer indeed will cover more but I'm afraid it will get in a way when using longer throw shaft. so I use default size.

    I need some input regarding the spring, is it good idea to remove the 0.6mm and swap it with 0.9mm or 1.2mm spring?

    I actually ended up using the 0.6mm spring and I'm liking it the most. I'm using it with the green grommet.
    What kind of differences are you noticing versus the 1mm? I wasn't gonna bother attempting using this as part of the combinations but if it's noticeable I'll give it a shot.

    It's not a huge change and you can probably go without it. I used the 1mm spring with the green and clear grommets but I wanted a middle ground between those two tensions. Green grommet with 0.6mm spring helped with this a little. It's a very subtle change and I feel like it only really makes a difference around the center, close to the dead zone.
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    ykd wrote: »
    Big thanks to @wazwuz for everything he does for us in the thread. Tried out the Fujin 2 lever I got in the mail in my current build with a Panzer 3 Korean Edition for a body, Crown Samducksa SDL buttons, and the Fujin. I'll post some pictures up once I get the art in and finished. Anyone in here ever add LED setups to these new Crown buttons ?

    That's the reason I bought the buttons. I've tested out some setups and it's looking pretty good but the set of LEDs I plan to use hasn't arrived yet so I don't have a finished product to show. I got rekt though.