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  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    I got a minor update on that purple Crown lever that JDCR, Saint and Kkokkoma have been trying out. Someone who was watching Kkokkoma's stream said this might be version 2 of the 309 Help Me lever. Might be in early test phase so we probably haven't heard much.
    So Saint, JDCR and Infiltration are in Australia for BAM9, and what better to do than to get some answers about their levers?

    Confirmed from JDCR that the purple Crown lever they've been using in arcades is a HelpMe hand-made product, but he's not sure if it's supposed to be a version 2 of the 309-HelpMe. He said maybe.

    As for the Crown SDL-301, Infiltration said it's coming out in June some time. Looks like he lived up to his word - it really is coming out in Early 2017. :^)
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    just my opinion but the myoungshin bat top is really bad quality, mold lines everywhere, easy to scratch, sometimes, sprue points not fully cut, scratching your hand during play. One of the reasons I think we need a better solution (or wait for crown to release the frosted bat-top from that "infiltration" lever lol)

    that said, I've never extensively used a Crown handle/stick, is the acrylic susceptible to cracking? anyone experienced cracked crown handles?

    Only cracked handle I've ever seen was surprisingly on a Fujin lever. You're right that the Myoungshin handles usually have a lot of manufacturing defects - in that regard, I think Crown wins by a bit. Theirs are typically smoother and cleaner from what I've seen. They're really ugly though, and just because of that I think I prefer the Myoungshin ones.