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  • Re: Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

    sasquach wrote: »
    Does it really have an F tier PCB? Like it broke on you? Or the PCB is laggier than 1 frame (and Tech Talk as a whole have hard evidence of this which I'm pretty sure none of us sees an issues with the HRAP V's PCB)? But you can use them, but the PS360+ will never get true PS4 support, so don't even bother with that for PS4 support. Use a multimeter to find the pins of the side buttons and connect them to the UFB. Find the touchpad key as well the same way, but touchpad tracking support isn't in the UFB atm. Then wire up the face buttons, joystick, and options button all via the original wires that went into those inputs. If you still need the wiring schematics, then use the search function here if we have them. But do you really need the upgrade tho? If you need a cheaper alternative the Brook PS3/PS4 PCB also works great.

    I remember being told it was one of the best sticks on the market, which is why I bought it in the first place. I've long since replaced the stock Hayabusa stick and Kuro buttons which are frankly terrible, and I recently discovered in the latency thread that it's been tested to have over 15ms of input lag (nearly 1 frame at 60FPS). The stick's only saving grace is that the case looks kinda cool.

    Thanks for the info on the two PCBs though, I wasn't aware of how limited they were. I've only worked with the Brook PS3/PS4 board in the past. I guess I'll hold back on doing anything with the PCB for now.
  • Re: Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

    Anyone had any experience with the RAP V Hayabusa or similar? I'm thinking of installing a PS360+ or UFB into mine because muh F-tier input lag, but I want to preserve the usage of my side buttons and touch pad. I poked around inside and it looks like they have their own PCBs and they're connected to the RAP PCB with some standard harnesses. Is there a wiring diagram or something I can refer to so I can hook it up to a different PCB?
  • Re: Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

    Vicko wrote: »
    Open it up, grab a wide flathead, put it in the bottom of the shaft and tighten the balltop with your hand.

    Fairly common, take it easy lol

    That is, if the ball is loose. If you just don't like that everything is spinny, then you're holding the balltop wrong.

    I just opened it up and had a look, the ball was in as tight as it could be, so I voided my warranty for nothing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    The ball spinning isn't too bad, but the bit around the stick part spinning is really annoying. Maybe I'll try taking it off next time.