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  • Re: Super SF2 Turbo - About Claw and Guile's super combos

    I've never done that motion for Guile.
    For me, it's always been cDB, DF, UB+K
    Have you tried that?

    It worked! Thanks! =)
    I was also using (c) :db: :df: :db: :u:+ :k: with a quick release of all directions before :u:+:k:, which I found out some days ago, but your shortcut works better (especially when facing right).
    Too bad your solution doesn't work in games other than SSF2T. :s

    Can you do Claw's SC easier (be it with a shortcut or not) as well? I strongly suspect Capcom put a bigger command buffer in it compared to Guile's SC.

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  • Super SF2 Turbo - About Claw and Guile's super combos

    Is it just me or Claw's SC in Super SF2 Turbo comes out with a lot less effort than Guile's, even when using (c)D, F, B, U instead of (c)DB, DF, DB, UF? I've played the Arcade, PS1 and 3DO versions and in all of them it's way harder for me to do Guile's SC.

    I'm a keyboard player, but I don't think it plays a part in this issue (correct me if I'm wrong). Do you joystick players have the same issue?

    By the way: In the GBA version (Super SF2 Turbo Revival), both of then come out easy (even when using the diagonal directions). I was impressed when I was able to execute them way easier than I thought. Did Capcom do something to improve their execution in comparison with the Arcade version and its direct ports?

    (EDIT: I've tried the DFBU motion in the 3DO version and it worked a little better for Guile, but still not as good as with Claw.)
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