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  • Any companies make arcade quality keyboards?

    Look, I'm gonna be straight up here. As my name implies, I rage. I break stuff when I get pissed off, and I need a keyboard that's build like a tank. The first thing that came to mind was that anything on arcade cabs is built to take a beating, so I was thinking maybe there is something of that quality for the consumer market out there? And even if there isn't, I was told there are members here who work on cabs, and even do their own mods and stuff. So if no company makes these, does anyone here make stuff like this as custom work, and if so, what sorta money would I be looking at spending? I need something that will sustain the occasional double fist smash from someone of above average strength. My last keyboard was a piece of crap Logitech MK 320 ($20 keyboard) and I ripped that thing in half. And no, I am not trolling, I'm dead serious. Psychotropics help, but there is only so much they can do for somebody like me. I need tanky peripherals.