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  • Re: Logan (2017)

    Saitsu wrote: »
    I'll give the same answer they will for every X-Men movie going forward.

    Don't Worry About It

    I can understand some denial here, no fan of the X-movie verse wants to see everyone get screwed over in the end. Still....these fox X-Men movies do try to retain continuity with eachother.

    If this takes place after the happy ending timeline we got at the end of DOFP? Then it kinda makes preventing the DOFP timeline not as satisfying, when you consider everyone still met with a bleak fate and died horribly in the end anyway. WTF.

    I don't know who caught it worse, Professor X or Wolverine....

    Still a great movie though.

    I really think they're two different futures despite what the director says. Logan states no new mutants have been born for 25 years but dofp had tons of kids at the school.

    That said I thought it was hilarious in the cartoon when bishop gets back from preventing dofp like

    Bishop: "We did it! We stopped the assassination!"
    Forge: What assassination? This virus is wiping out mutantkind!"
    Bishop: You gotta be %$!#^&* kidding me
  • Re: Logan (2017)

    I'd treat it like any other comic book future as being one possibility out of many
  • Re: The Flash TV Series Thread


    Joe's face after that is enough to make me cry
  • Re: Music Discussion Thread - Aaaand... the music sucks. See you next game, folks!

    What's your pick for X's song? I'd go with his X4 opening stage or Storm Eagle.
  • Re: Justice League/DC movie thread

    "getting the character right for audiences is of tantamount importance"

    Reboot confirmed

    And please for the love of god superman kick Zack Snyder ' s ass to the fucking curb
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