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  • Re: Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures

    jblair wrote: »
    Imo the big problem is that chipp's secondary strengths are overriding most character's main strengths. Why play jam or millia when you can have chipp rival jam's normals and millia's oki. I know it's not that black and white, but seriously, chipp is way too strong in way too many areas.

    Well imo, he's always been a character with insanely strong tools (DP, 3f normal, great fast normals, etc), but in the past he's never had (or needed) anything as immensely powerful as K Teleport YRC or Gamma Beast. Those are the things making him too good. If I told you I was creating a character that was so strong up close that, given the right opportunity, he can carry that momentum to a win and I was also giving him a YRC'able projectile that best case scenario hits/trades for a full combo+kd or worst case is +5 on block and was also giving him a teleport that recovers almost instantly right next to the opponent ready to attack, you would think I was making a Mugen game.

    I'm sorry, but K teleport yrc is so garbage. It's honestly one of the dumber things I've ever seen in a fighting game. I just hope with them fixing some YRC issues going from Rev1 to Rev2 they will also start to look at some problem moves as well, and k teleport is the biggest offender