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  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    Only him and jeice were around once he started fighting. And he didnt do much. Really doesnt have any attacks specials or moves at all of his own. He shot one fireball, and threw a bunch of baby fireballs at goku when he was powering up in.. actually possibly the coolest powering up generic yelling for half the episode part ever in the series in my opinion(not including first time SSJ or something like that) I think it was pretty well done. After that he did diddly besides switch with gokus body.

    As for the potential for more moves, yea he does if you go with all his partners but problem is everything in the game so far has told us that the max amount of moves a character can have right now is 6. theres only been qcf, qcb, and down down moves. So for your normals there goes 3. And then special fireball button is another 3. So what is he gonna do? Because the other ginyu guys actually HAVE moves, so they are gonna have to lose something which kinda sucks and turns them just into a gimmick. But A guy like recomme, he has throw specials, mutliple diff kinds of fireballs, and other things he does in the anime.. He could be his own character.. Not saying he should be because well I dont think he is "important" in the grand scheme of things, but he could easily be his own character comparatively. But oh well maybe thats the whole point anyway to make him a gimmick character and weird.
  • Re: Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not...

    Right but we have seen gohan who was beat up from fighting vegeta deflect it, when the power of this spirit bomb was so unbelievable at the time out of his level. So goku out of power(Which lets be honest, goku threw a few punchs, and welp looks like i cant win, time to spirit bomb in not even a full episode is ludicrous in itself), couldnt deflect it back?

    Point is spirit bomb has been hyped up to be a "good" guy move, its not supposed to hurt other good guys. The idea of the move has been you dont even need to see it, the move seeks out evil and will destroy it. I can understand the idea of we have characters shooting planet destroy blasts and it gets deflected back out into the universe I get that. But these "moves" are "neutral" if you will. So in instances where we have neutral planet destroying blasts zip past other character and fly off into space. We have a good guy move, deflect back... And... blown up the good guy.

    its silly.

    Also actually wait a second..thinking about it... wasnt trunks is SSJ while he was fighting zamazu when he had the spirit bomb absorbed in him and sword. So come on... Or are we going to use the excuse that only his sword had the spirit bomb in it? Cuz he also was fighting him while glowing like a plot twist light blub as well.
  • Re: Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not...

    argh painful to watch. How can one of the most legendary anime series come down to this. Are people really hype about jiren? Looks like one of those designs you give a elephant at a zoo, give it some paint and it just splashes crap on a white piece of paper and its art. Looks like a alien(No shit but).. of a alien still born. Has done nothing but been "to cool for school" in a not cool way.

    Aa for goku, the whole spirit bomb thing seemed obvious enough to me. Its not cool because the excessive power ups is lame, but for what it is its acceptable to me. I think they should have just explained it that when he absorbed the spirit bomb, he becomes one with just the natural energy of the universe, and he can feel the eb and flow of ki etc, so he moves naturally because of that for a short time being. I think they also forgot that theres no way goku could have blown up from a spirit bomb because spirit bomb can not hurt anyone of pure heart unless thats another thing they retconned.

    Whatever the case though I didnt find it to be that hype, I mean look at this.. This part is actually COOLER in the anime than the manga. I can watch this now and this is still well done and feels exciting. But man super is jsut so bad.

    I also cant believe just how bad the art style is. I know cool fights still happen in anime because I see my other nerder friends post fights on FB etc all the time. but these fights just arent hype and look lame man. And the DB franchise should be able to afford quality.
  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    sometimes I think you guys are trolling me reading the above, how many times does it have to be explained how it works? I think im just gonna purposely post and be annoying and say the same thing over and over, Go read my posts its already been explained why you get a regular knock down, why you get a wall bounce, and why you get a sliding hard knock down. There is absolutely no confusion about the mechanics of the property what so ever and were shown in the very first videos of the game.
  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    ha thanks for the people that actually are cool and remember. Although at the same time, even if people dont recognize this fake name, it still doesn't change the fact I wrote how the game worked, combo wise mechanic wise, the meta of it etc as it is right now. So even if I was a no name, I still posted how the game works right at the very beginning. Hell and just these videos right here, if you look theres a specific point where it shows exactly what I just said as well about chicken guarding, and the GG mechanic of storing stun while in a unaction state and becoming invincible and sure enough unless it was a bug or just mistimed, it would seem this video also proves again what I said about the state of this game as it is. But sure, if you dont recognize my name you decided to read over my name even though I repeated a fact, youll say I was wrong. And then when it gets posted by someone you "like" it will be correct. But not till then. That shows you people dont actually read stuff and most stuff fall on deaf ears. That I recall even back in the day Roll canceling in CVS2 was found by a non top player at the time, and people disregarded it and ignored it until a name they recognized did it, Then it was real.

    I guess I better go start posting under my real name again, and post all the tournies I won, and combo videos everytime I post so people know who I am from now on.

    And I never said I was leaving like not going to post, I just said I was not going to explain the game anymore since everytime I do it gets ignored and im wrong, and then when someone they like posts it confirming its real, they like it. Its weird

    I dunno, you should just post any way because fuck it. It's 2017 the peanut gallery is always going to fight what you say no matter who you are now. Once you get out in the youtube comment gallery/twitter there's no hope out there. You only have to deal with a few naysayers here compared to social media.

    I took "go back into hibernation" as you take your account into hibernation. It's a common thing a lot of the other older heads do after they come back to post for a bit. You didn't specify your meta posts so out of context you basically should not have posted after that last post LOL

    Then in the other post you used the word "disappear". Which means you're probably just a really awesome ninja. Well I hope you stay around ninja.

    oh nah I didnt plan on leaving completely, ill just troll now and laugh to myself every time someone repeats something I already said multiple times in this thread or posts a video showing something "new" that I already talked about.

    I feel like a lot of the older people talk about they are leaving, retiring over and over yet keep entering tournaments over and over. Thats why I said after I won that big tourny with marn , combofiend all those guys sick as shit, and then people got all salty when I won again. I basically was like ya know, im sick as shit, im in the hospital having serious life or death conversations and I dont even practice anymore and everytime I win people get pissy. So I was like ya know this is pretty much the end, playing video games for money has taken all the enjoyment and fun out of everything. I think I entered a couple of smaller tourneys under some fake names and showed up randomly and won, but besides that when I said I was quitting tournaments I did and I havnt traveled for anything ever again. I never retired from being a nerd, i just retired from caring enough. Like I said im still interested in the game but after seeing how these conversations are going being told im wrong because people dont recognize this fake name, and then when someone they "like" posts it as being true, its like welp ok I can see having real conversations wont happen here.

    Dialup still got one of my favorite Sol combo videos. Shit is so HAM.

    thanks dude, which one was it? The older ones? Or the 3d game?