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  • Re: RYU is back with poor mobility option, bad projectile utility and predictable gameplay.

    Im ready to blow the game up again, i already have a lot of ideas, the main problem is I feel like its gonna be to easy to do to make it actually worth while morally. But I see the potential for a lot of high hitting combos, just not sure how much of a wow factor there will be when you consider how brain dead the game looks in terms of what juggles and what doesnt.
  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    Good thing I explained the auto combo thing day one in a video. Oh well I guess everyone wants to post a video showing how to explain it...

    And wait add the clayton thing? Which one, cuz like everything ive posted is working and now people are doing lol
  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    dizzynecro wrote: »
    Here you go, examples of using teching to make yourself invincible to go into the parry, and showing ways that even if the opponent tries to bait you, you also have ways of covering yourself around the bait. Very basic meta idea here that I talked about before that still exists. Of course nothing is for free but point is, the opponent has to try to discourage you from attempting to parry

    So are we calling it a Clayton cancel or what?

    ha may as well cuz im all for being a dick and continually rubbing it in everyones that ive been right about like everything.

    On another note because apparently people are STILL confused ive heard in discord talking about it. IT DOESNT HAVE to be a fireball. Like im not sure what is so hard to grasp about the video. I tried to show the most basic of examples. The opponent can do any fucking thing they want to you. They can knock you down to a beam. They can knock you down to a normal. The point is, when you tech low to the ground, YOU ARE INVINCIBLE. There for any attack you FALL into. You can mash parry for free to make yourself.. INVINCIBLE.

    THere is.. nothing the opponent can do to stop this in this situation. THEY HAVE to not attack you. You can not punish a successful deflect. Deflect was only toned down in the last beta and this final build in that it is not instantly cancelable.

    This isnt rocket science do i need to show the guilty gear videos again ive posted of doing this with neutral techs to go through physical attacks as well? I tried to show a butt fucking easy example.

    So the only way the opponent cant bait this, is by not attacking you. But heres the thing, since your falling into the attacks, you know its there. So if you arent attacking.. I dont have to parry. Thats the kicker. Theres no reason to assume that once people get good at this game that they will not be able to react to shit being on the screen. I mean whats your argument? Theres to much on the screen you cant tell what im doing? Umm..all the better cuz im invincible so ill hit something by mashing. Did people actually try this easy example that I showed?? The only way you get baited is I hit deflect and you do nothing period. What I fall into doesnt matter. Fireball, beam, normal. Its all the same.

    The only "fireball" example I was showing was to show off the canceling your recovery, and the option select double duty if you will of you can press homing dash/a move with fireball invincibility and assist as a reversal to go through stuff with cover should the opponent try to bait the homing dash.

    There is also no low that beats parry. Lows do not beat parry. What are people trying to say that in the string I showed the instant someone throws a fireball if I need to be worried they might hit a low... Dude.. if you pressed the ki button, the only thing ki button chains into, are regular attacks.. why do i have to be holding low after that? Are you chaining into attacks that dont exisit? That I need to be worried about? Yes you can bait a parry there is no doubt sure. But are people trying to make up moves that dont exisit? lol Like can I suddently chain from low to fireball to low rinse and repeat? And even if I could again parrys beat lows.. Whatever..

    Anyway someone go post this in the discord so i dont have to go on and get angry. -_- I dont understand why there is such a lack of common sense in the video game community.
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  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    part 2 as with most characters another day.. Wanted to do more ghost stuff but too sick today to play really.

    Also thanks to all the people that still dislike my posts even after the full version of the game is out and I was right about everything. I know it really must piss you off that im a god compared to you
  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    Im surprised SRK hasnt posted some of this tech on their main page

    hey well what did i tell you. The only person who has been nice enough to post my stuff generally speaking is d3v. Most everyone else doesnt care. I try to send in my videos just nothing. Funny.. blew up this game on SRK. So many people saying nothing works. Now basically everything ive said about the game is true combo wise, bug wise, tech wise meta... This game went from having no combos here to.. now everyone is just doing my combos I posted in a video first. Seriously.. what are the most swaggy combos you see people doing now? Cells hops.. .goku double supers, sparking loops, gohan bomb stuff, trunks multiple auto combos.. who talked about that first? Me,,, who posted the videos first... me..... whos getting all the promotion for everything on front page.....

    well... there was just another dbz post on srk.. none of my videos got posted.. i look on eventhubs.. my videos dont get posted lol. Im kinda salty of course but whatever.. hopefully they will get posted at some point. Anyway gotenks video should be out today gotta finish the last few combos but kinda sick so not sure when ill get to play.