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  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    what okizeme? What are you even suggesting works? The game does not have regular knock downs like other fighters. In situations where you can actually score a hard knock down you can combo the guy anyway, so in situations where it might even pop up it can actually be irrelevant. So besides the fact that there just arent many moves that actually give hard knock downs, and the fact that when you get one it means you can combo the guy. What are you going to keep the guy locked down with? Vegetas mash fireball? The opponent can block one hit of it and then instantly deflect. After a successful deflect you become completely invincible so the mix up actually becomes trying to guess what your opponent does. In these sorts of situations actually gokus beam would lock down more realistically than anything like a vegeta. So then you get to idea of well how many characters have beams as assists?

    Anyway ya theres lots of ideas at neutral potentially and you get into the tug of war of fireball vs homing dash vs duck hp. And imo its going to be a distance at which you can have your opponent locked down with a regular fireball, but still be able to react to cancel the fireball into a duck hp, should they decided to cancel their guard into a homing dash, or a parry into attack. Which then gets into what I said about how many characters have back and forth fireballs that they can rinse and repeat XN while always being able to go back to cancel to duck hp since again in this game, fireball and hp can chain into each other backwards and forwards. So in that sense a character like vegeta is potentially weaker since he has no duck fireball to reset his standing fireball. Where as goku we have seen him do fireball to do duck fireball to fireball kinda stuff.. So thus a infinite repeat if you will of spamming the opponent while keeping ourselves at a range that we can react visually to any homing dash.. ...but okizeme at least if we are thinking about it in terms of other games, or even just say a arc game like GG.. even say classic simple ideas like a sweep, to big fireball with ky just dont for the time being exists in the game.

  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    looks like jump tournament is just either the gamescon build or the beta build.

    On other japanese stuff looking at it, apparently gohans level 3 kamehameha it says changes depending on whos on his team. Since I cant see any other reason for him to have this super, ill assume if you have goku, and gotenks(well it sorta counts.. goten will probably just show up)on the team as well he does that broly family kamehameha from the movie. I mean logically really why else would he have this? And what else could it be referring to? I dont recall gohan having any legit named kamehameha supers other than the yellow one he did vs buus ball lure wise. So...

    For his power up super I guess you can do it as many times as you want, but the last one you did always determines the buff. So if we do a level 4 buff fight for awhile then try to extend the combo with another buff, if we only use a level 1 buff now we only have level 1 version of the power up. Could be interesting depending on just big the start up is, if its invincible whatever. If its fast maybe useful for DHC into so he can then run in combo really fast. Or depending on just how extreme the buff is the more levels you used...

    No mention of beat em' super that he usually has, but who knows maybe its in in some manner.

    Nothing much interesting noted about gotenks other than indeed you can control the ghosts.

    And for buu what I said earlier that the blow up death ball, is actually a cinematic super, you have to hit the yell first to do it, so its not like freezas or anything from a gameplay perspective.
  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    You know on another note, how is that MVCI had that leak super early on, like someone took a disc at one of the showings of the game and they saw all the characters when they data mined it or??? That was like 6 months or something before the game I feel like. How the fuck has no one done that for this game yet?
  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    Ya its doubtful, but ya know i want more complicated stuff in the game. So even if its a ghetto way of doing it, if it adds some sort of meta to the game im for it. Make these scenes do extra damage or something I dunno. Says they can happen mid match or a finisher so~ Just something like hey this is normally your best combo but vs this character you get a specific combo so its better to go for this one because it does more damage. That makes games fun. Who wants to play SF5 where the same combos work vs like everyone and its so standardized its awful. Characters are all basically the same height and have the same hurt boxes even though visually they are completely different. That stuff is lame as hell. Flow wise I agree if there are to many breaks that could kill the flow. But lets say you only get it once then. Im sure they could work a way around it. Honestly I think the most unfair thing would be that not all characters actually have something special to recreate probably sooooooo..... But you could also say inevitably fighting games balance wise are not fair and being different is what makes it fun. Having characters be potentially counter characters could be interesting IF it actually worked that way. I mean hey we already have characters like krillin, he looks hella good as it is.. but maybe a random ass weakness he has is if someone picks freeza, freezas auto combo finisher on him does double the damage for some reason. thats something you can laugh about when you are fucked up stoned, drunk whatever with friends. And something competitively as long as its not extreme could still add something to it. Or freeza looks really good. So a "counter" or weakness for freeza is trunks shinning slash does double damage to him and if it kills him you get the scene. Adds something a little fun to the game I think. And this game NEEDS more complicated wacky stuff for characters to stick out.

    Like can you imagine if for some reason who the fuck knows why.. Yamcha ends up being top tier. hes hella broke. But he has one weakness, nappa who for some reason ends up being the worst character in the game, if yamcha gets hit by any suicide green dude, he takes qaudruple the damage or some shit. So in tournaments you might have some weird idea of oh fuck well if I lost the first match of the tourny to cheap ass yamcha maybe ill put nappa on my team
  • Re: SRK History Records Posters of ages past im sorry but if no one mentions ryuROCKst I will fuck a billy goat BK style period it.