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  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    I wonder if the story mode learning and building skills, is just random stuff that will never be useable in real matchs. Or if it will actually have unlockable moves like I said down the line maybe. Still missing a number of signature attacks, No spirit bomb, dragon fist, final explosion, etc. Might be a excuse to get people to play story mode as well to unlock those moves however lame of a idea that is.
  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    when did they say the removed that what? i saw it durning the last build of the game. I saw trunks doing his air slash, and instead of landing and doing his super, he just canceled the move to vegetas super.
  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: Monster Hunter is U N G G A W A I F U 4 U N G G A L A I F U

    I would say to the idea of again being free to confirm off anything, sure there is that perspective. But id say that also makes it less exciting. I think a argument against this perspective is, where as before you might have moments like "OH MAN he hit that random hit into that (specific)combo!? Where did he pull that out of his ass/where did he come up with that random combo to follow that up out of nowhere"

    maybe theres that instance where you have a character that in that one situation, theres only one combo he could possibly do off that random air to air hit or something and its hella specific and situational, but it shows his reactions and awareness of the over all general situation that he is.

    But now again with the idea that every goes to everything and its all so simple. Now where as before there would be excitement/or the when you nod to yourself while watching a match and think to yourself that damn that was good reaction to get that off that. Now will have a more reaction of.. Well of course WHO WOULDNT be able to combo off that random hit from no where. There would be less excuse because its like dude, you could have just done anything, theres no thought process.

    The situation sounds nice but I'm not sure of any game that was like that. Having combos from stray hits is nice but if it leads to a ToD it becomes stale really quickly. TaCs became boring to look at and even some of the characters combos were just boring after while. It is cool to see some creative confirms but that's not enough.

    For instance whenever Zero got a hit in mvc3 it hust lead into lightning loops which lead to death. After a while it gets old.

    Not sure what game is like that?? What? Lots of games have random confirms of doing specific combos off random hits depending on the situation not just marvel. Look at games like GG.. depending on if we notice if the character is ducking or not when they are hit tons of combos change as to what is optimal if you notice. Depending on just how close you are to the corner. How much gaurd meter they had if you get a extra couple counter hits instead of one. Hell even random games like karnovs revenge if you notice which way the opponent has their dizzy spot or is protecticing it you change your combo on the fly.

    I find it hard to believe youve never seen people do specific combos in specific situations that are optimal and knowing which ones to do from specific situations and reacting to them accordingly shows a level of skill and knowledge. Now combos dont need to be specific because they all work till you get to around the same point.

    Also with the HSD the reason its like that is because of the options people have to open you up, the only way hulk is really opening you up is if you mess up and get hit with a stray limb. Where as strider can force all kind of situations and mix ups. If there was no hit stun decay then there would have to be more balance by health or straight up you spin out of combo's after X amount of normal hits and or damage scaling.

    So yeah strider has to hit more buttons and do longer combo's to get to 6k, but he also has a ton of projectiles, and ways to open you up. Hulk on the other hand has to do much less to get to that point but he's slow, big and far less ways to open you up. If the HSD was too much higher than what it is the game would be that much closer to being a OTK game all over again.

    I dont know what people are saying about it only took one person to get the ball rolling. Go look at my first post about this game here first day playing, I posted it in all my combo videos. So I dont see how that applies. I dont think you get what im getting at either with the characters that have less options vs characters that have more. Because implying strider has to do lots of combos or hits to get 6k where as hulk does less hits to get it is not what im saying at all. Strider can do a simple combo and get basically the same amount of damage had he done a complicated one. Go watch my videos I did with him and compare the damage.

    Reticently wrote: »
    Without damage caps, yeah there's some creativity finding optimal combos, but once optimal combos are found all creativity goes down the toilet as every player starts doing exactly the same handful of things.

    And it isn't remotely like everything just combos from everything in this game, there's still a ton of specific knowledge concerning what your follow up options are.

    I think you need to play the game and fiddle with it a bit more to see that everything pretty much does combo to everything. We have a regular OTG, ground bounce OTG, wall bounce, and a ground slide. 4 main quirks of extending your combo in this game that is a general idea of this game. However the fact is we never need to use all 4. Finding optimal combos trying to squeeze in all 4 options the game gives us is not needed, because actually just using 1 often gives us the "same" amount of damage if we go for more.

    Oh well way to much typing for this, not invested nor care about the game enough. Again its cool if people t hink its creative at neutral or mix up wise tag wise whatever you want to say. But the combo system at its core general idea with out any bugs for the character themselves is not. Just a false sense of freedom to the whole thing with way to many fail safes put in.
  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: Monster Hunter is U N G G A W A I F U 4 U N G G A L A I F U

    not sure if i played? Dude I just said earlier do people not remember im the one that brought TAC combos to the community in the first place? I was the first one posting, and posting videos about them. Yes I know about them and ive played the games and made many combo videos for it 3 and ultimate like wtf lol *face palm*. I have minute long combos lol dont worry. I think people forget this stuff because I was doing it mainly with ryu and akuma but I was posting about it with doom and other things as well right when 3 originally came out.

    I mean this is just 3, lets not even get into all the stuff I did for ultimate.

    Anyway as for the idea of a character hitter harder doesnt change the fact if he still has trouble getting in. Well of course it doesnt, but you should still be able to go by the idea that if they do hit you youre doing more. I already said the game doesnt have to be balanced. But you dont need to put in a property specifically that you know will make it UNBALANCED. Also this doesnt even address the idea of the system in general that what about just the character itself everything doing the same damage? Did anyone watch the combo videos I did for this game? Combos using every bounce every slide etc etc.. well you know what, I could just just done hit to air combo and gotten like the "same" damage. So youre telling me its going to be more fun to the spectator when people start watching and realizing that complicated combos using all the tools in the game are more likely to get you punished and actually do like the same damage as just any old simple combo? Again im not talking about the game at neutral the creativity you have to tag in wherever and however. Im talking about just combo period. This is a game that actually has a fail safe purposely put in to even discourage long combos in the first place by calling your partner. Theres no reason for such a strict system to be in when theres already so many fail safes in the first place let alone to be across the board. I mean even look at things like the time stone power stone etc, if you do that infinty or whatever they are calling it in this game, it slike wow my hits do more damage, they wall bounce, or I can special move cancel to special. But do you realize. Dude.. its still half life. Once you get to around half life the game starts to say fuck you. Me doing all these wall bounces, all this special move to special move. It does no more damage than had I just done a regular combo. Theres no extra like hey youre in infinity stone lets have you be able to do a bigger combo. Dude... there is no bigger combo. Its a lie. Again im not talking about any fucking glitch in the game right now. Im just talking about the core general idea of the game combo wise is flawed in so many ways. I can butt fuck infinity the opponent use every single wall bounce, slide whatever in my combo and get the same damage as just hit the guy a few times, air combo super. Its a fake freedom. Its not real. The game punishes creativity instead of rewarding it when it comes to combos.

  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: Monster Hunter is U N G G A W A I F U 4 U N G G A L A I F U

    Can anyone tell me what is the exact reason this works yet though? I tried doing a 7K combo with ryu into stuff, and people were still teching, so i need something more specific, unless its weird like only certain moves allow it? Admittedly im not super invested on fooling with the game very much besides the videos ive made so someone is gonna have to explain it to me exactly because I still hvant seen a exact reason on why it works.

    You're the combo guy, you're supposed to know. Can't let other people out combo you. Be one with the crack so you can crack the code.

    This is basically the new DHC glitch which was also discovered by Japanese wizardry. Except it was easier to figure out why that worked. Specifics for this will probably be tough to pin point.

    Marvel 2 had fair set play. J.Wong's honest pressure before the Tyranny of Sonicfox.


    Ha like I said im not that invested into the game to fiddle with stuff. All I know is some people are posting you have to be at a certain damage level, other people are saying it doesnt matter blah blah. I mean im doing 7K combos with ryu then tagging into strider(again I havnt fiddled with the game much besides these 2 so)and people are still teching. So I dunno, move specific, something else? Maybe I gotta fiddle with it more I dunno but its just not that interesting. And ya know im not that horny about the game to need the moral victory of finding out how and why it exactly works, because also.. Its not my original discovery, so just finding out the super big details of it isnt super rewarding, and to claim some kind of victory for just finding out exactly why it works is a little silly to me even with a ego like mine in video games and would be disingenuous I feel lol. That would be like me saying i discovered the kim infinite in CVS2 which people use to try to give me credit for. I always said I never found it, sairec a japanese guy did. Only thing I did was find a way to make it easier to do for human hands and then people another way they could do it. Then people saw me do it in real life, and thought I came up with it, but I didnt at all. And also to that i mean come on, this game is smaller than MVC3 right now. And do people give me any credit for finding stuff like TACs and all those crazy combos that are staples of the game now? I think most people probably dont even remember that I was the one that posted videos of that stuff and talked about it on forums now a days.

    Whatever the case if the glitch works for everyone cool. But im merely was just trying to comment on the general idea before hand of the system. Its strange and flawed. How can you make a game where you plan it out that you more or less you want every character to do half life cap before they gotta super or do something else. But then knowing that some characters cant open you up to combo you the same in the first place. Its like purposely trying to make the game unbalanced and certain characters worse. Again how can you say a character like hulk who is supposed to do more damage, but has less damage to open you up.. You put a rule into the game that you DONT want him to do more damage on purpose. Its very strange. Hell just for ryu mother fucker cant even tiger knee anymore. Shit is weird. Especially when you look at some of the weird stuff they put in the game so you know there was some specific thought process put in as to why they did it. But for stuff like true combos just for the character themselves stand alone (and lets not act like marvel doesnt have crazy combos just for characters with no asssits etc. Just using the core idea of their character beforehand in games)you put this bizarre cap on them across the board?