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  • Re: SSJ Goku Thread - Now He's Mad!

    Dont worry I know im a god compared to you thank you
  • Re: SSJ Goku Thread - Now He's Mad!

    If you wanna find the best combos in the game that everyone else is doing because of my videos with basically every character there is right now.. Ya you probably should. Or are you seriously gonna try to argue thats not a complete fact right now?
  • Re: Cell Thread - Utter Perfection

    hey lockM why are you even posting about the game. Werent you a little bitch in the other thread trying to act like I was gonna be wrong about everything? How does it feel to know I was right about all my posts you disliked asshole? Why are you even playing the game?
  • Re: Cell Thread - Utter Perfection

    Nah youre just a little bitch and I like to rub it in your face that you were wrong
  • Re: SSJ Vegeta Thread - Do You Experience Fear?

    There is no point in doing assists right now when I can already blow up the game with a single character stand alone and reach the point of no return. In that I mean I already can very easily get to combos that the dude will tech automatically etc. So why do I need assists at this point? Also assists are generally uncreative because you are SUPPOSED to be able to do combo after them. So from my perspective they are obvious and not needed when the game first comes out to show true creativity.

    Assist and tag combos will come but for the time being I like to push the character stand alone to show what they can do raw