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  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: Monster Hunter is U N G G A W A I F U 4 U N G G A L A I F U

    not sure if i played? Dude I just said earlier do people not remember im the one that brought TAC combos to the community in the first place? I was the first one posting, and posting videos about them. Yes I know about them and ive played the games and made many combo videos for it 3 and ultimate like wtf lol *face palm*. I have minute long combos lol dont worry. I think people forget this stuff because I was doing it mainly with ryu and akuma but I was posting about it with doom and other things as well right when 3 originally came out.

    I mean this is just 3, lets not even get into all the stuff I did for ultimate.

    Anyway as for the idea of a character hitter harder doesnt change the fact if he still has trouble getting in. Well of course it doesnt, but you should still be able to go by the idea that if they do hit you youre doing more. I already said the game doesnt have to be balanced. But you dont need to put in a property specifically that you know will make it UNBALANCED. Also this doesnt even address the idea of the system in general that what about just the character itself everything doing the same damage? Did anyone watch the combo videos I did for this game? Combos using every bounce every slide etc etc.. well you know what, I could just just done hit to air combo and gotten like the "same" damage. So youre telling me its going to be more fun to the spectator when people start watching and realizing that complicated combos using all the tools in the game are more likely to get you punished and actually do like the same damage as just any old simple combo? Again im not talking about the game at neutral the creativity you have to tag in wherever and however. Im talking about just combo period. This is a game that actually has a fail safe purposely put in to even discourage long combos in the first place by calling your partner. Theres no reason for such a strict system to be in when theres already so many fail safes in the first place let alone to be across the board. I mean even look at things like the time stone power stone etc, if you do that infinty or whatever they are calling it in this game, it slike wow my hits do more damage, they wall bounce, or I can special move cancel to special. But do you realize. Dude.. its still half life. Once you get to around half life the game starts to say fuck you. Me doing all these wall bounces, all this special move to special move. It does no more damage than had I just done a regular combo. Theres no extra like hey youre in infinity stone lets have you be able to do a bigger combo. Dude... there is no bigger combo. Its a lie. Again im not talking about any fucking glitch in the game right now. Im just talking about the core general idea of the game combo wise is flawed in so many ways. I can butt fuck infinity the opponent use every single wall bounce, slide whatever in my combo and get the same damage as just hit the guy a few times, air combo super. Its a fake freedom. Its not real. The game punishes creativity instead of rewarding it when it comes to combos.

  • Re: Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not...

    argh painful to watch. How can one of the most legendary anime series come down to this. Are people really hype about jiren? Looks like one of those designs you give a elephant at a zoo, give it some paint and it just splashes crap on a white piece of paper and its art. Looks like a alien(No shit but).. of a alien still born. Has done nothing but been "to cool for school" in a not cool way.

    Aa for goku, the whole spirit bomb thing seemed obvious enough to me. Its not cool because the excessive power ups is lame, but for what it is its acceptable to me. I think they should have just explained it that when he absorbed the spirit bomb, he becomes one with just the natural energy of the universe, and he can feel the eb and flow of ki etc, so he moves naturally because of that for a short time being. I think they also forgot that theres no way goku could have blown up from a spirit bomb because spirit bomb can not hurt anyone of pure heart unless thats another thing they retconned.

    Whatever the case though I didnt find it to be that hype, I mean look at this.. This part is actually COOLER in the anime than the manga. I can watch this now and this is still well done and feels exciting. But man super is jsut so bad.

    I also cant believe just how bad the art style is. I know cool fights still happen in anime because I see my other nerder friends post fights on FB etc all the time. but these fights just arent hype and look lame man. And the DB franchise should be able to afford quality.
  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    Those combos were just posted, theres nothing new there really besides the fact it shows jump hp at this point seem to cause a crouching state all across the board now. Still pretty simple combos.

    LostChief wrote: »
    bardiya wrote: »
    Welcome to the internet.

    boy youre a little salty bitch arent you? Did you have a GF that diddled to my modeling pics or something before? Or are you just that inclined to post showing how emo you are that you have nothing add to the conversation and are jelly of me for some reason?

    Now ain't that ironic.

    You seem to be one as well... still looking forward to people actually posting real stuff about the game , other than trying to be angry and prove me wrong constantly only for their to be videos once again showing im right. Or could it be you also have nothing to actually add? Im kinda just basking in my own glory of you little bitchs being so emo. I just like proving you guys wrong at this point.

    Anyway new videos coming out i assume this weekend, lets see if anyone notices anything new or worth actually talking about that I havnt already at least partially discussed, or if something changes and we see something new then go ahead and post it. I mean you dont want me to keep being right I can tell its eating at you. I dont even need to post everything ive seen about the game because you guys cant even keep up with what ive posted other trying to be salty, and then when I reply im the one that showed no respect. ha gotcha.

    Lemme guess you have that same mentality in life if someone ever does better then you in life they must be rich or have a easier life then you? boo hoo, im sure your life is very hard to be a cry baby over a video game thats not even out yet. Who would have though that people try to talk shit about me here, so I respond and now ive magically been the bad guy the whole time. Like I said I just like proving im right at this point so I post.
  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    bardiya wrote: »
    Welcome to the internet.

    boy youre a little salty bitch arent you? Did you have a GF that diddled to my modeling pics or something before? Or are you just that inclined to post showing how emo you are that you have nothing add to the conversation and are jelly of me for some reason?
  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    Hrmm I think only thing interesting about those combos is it shows us that jump hards force crouching. Which I suppose on one hand might be to discourage the idea of the game having any IAD infinites. Although saying that it would be interesting to see if when we store the property of the homing dash that we did, if this also effects the hards on standing opponents in a potential different way. Other than that nothing we havnt seen/jelly I cant blow up the game, but hopefully more videos come out with people trying new stuff and pushing the game more.

    Raz0r wrote: »
    Sucky out here shooting down the haters still.

    Making SRK great again.

    lol thanks.. I dunno why, its seems silly its like people want info about the game, so I write about a bunch of stuff about it, that basically can answer any question that we can even fathom about the mechanics in the current build, and it gets ignored because my sentences are to long? Yet then people complain no one talks about the game theres no conversation? Again this is just cliche we dont like you, so we dont want to believe you lets have someone we like more say it and repeat it. Its weird and its honestly pretty creepy and shows people dont actually give a fuck id think. Ive read all the comments here even about the 6 buus having sex with the all the kales etc. Game is brand new gotta give everyone a chance to at least hopefully add something worth value...

    Mylzileto wrote: »
    Korbidon wrote: »
    This thread goes to shit when there is no news for a while. Every damn time

    Do you expect anything else to happen? Dragonball isn't exactly a niche product, and while updates don't come often, they happen frequently enough to keep the game at the forefront of people's memory. Since we don't have much footage of high level play, we can only guess what that'll look like, or what the system mechanics are like to a really minute level, which means people are going to see the same footage, but interpret it differently, which means people confident in their particular interpretation will argue with other people confident in their's. Once this gets labbed by the lucky bastards that got in the beta, discourse like we've seen should die down (though not entirely, unfortunately), and once the game is out for real, genuine conversations should be starting up as a regular occurence instead of something to look forward to after reveals. In the mean time, I encourage all parties of the current argument to chill, genuinely consider that they might be wrong, and look over the footage with all possibilities in mind (or just wait for the beta testers to figure out who's right on a case by case basis), and please. Whoever's right, try not to rub it in.

    ummm to my knowledge most if not all that ive been posting has been true.... so im not sure what argument there is in the first place... as for not rubbing it in.. why would I not ive had to constantly repeat myself over and over again so im going to show just as much respect as others have showed me for having to do that...

    Rounin wrote: »
    bardiya wrote: »
    Rounin wrote: »
    I think you need to make one final post with all the your impressions and ideas about the game in ALL CAPS !!
    And then we can lock this thead so nobody asks questions again, everything has been said multiple times anyway.

    @dialupsucky : I know you are just trolling but could you tone it down ? I find your behavior toxic and it has nothing to do with a community.

    ive forgotten more that ive given to the community in terms of content that most people have ever given period. And thats a fact. I just got back from the hospital so lemme go watch some videos and ill put some time clips up of mashing combos causing a wall bounce because god forbid anyone actually watch the matchs and actually puts 2 and 2 together. Hell ive given more to the community and this thread in terms of DBFZ than anyone else. Look at all the posts ive done. Was what I all posted correct? Confirmed? Established later on multiple times? Ya it was. What have you done? jacked off to my little pony.. sweet dude I get it. Suck up that rainbow jizz.

    Now lemme go waste my fucking time after I just got out of the hospital to prove you guys wrong once again. Maybe ill even go post from each build of the game as well showing it off to show its been consistent as well.

    Seriously bro, you made a lot of posts over a long period of time. Ain't nobody got time for that. Just make one final one with all the impressions and ideas.
    Rounin wrote: »
    So mashing combos are important in this game? haha they really were "catering to the hardcore audience"

    I already said things multiple times over and over, people cant even read the posts ive written half the time it seems or disregard it as not being true, so why would I write out everything? I still have a lot of other ideas or stuff ive noticed but people cant even accept what ive written so why keep posting...

    And yes as I said many times the idea that the mash combos would not be good as proven false very early on, because as it is they generally speaking seem to be the only ones that give you the potential to do a wall bounce version of your HP says character specific ones, and as we have seen many times now when the hit/tech buffer comes into play we have seen duck hp, and regular hp to homing dash not be a true combo durning longer combos, however there has yet to be a instance where a mash combo was techcable from the hit to the homing dash. Which could just be the fact that unlike the others it doesnt send the guy flying far away like the other combos do giving you time, or could be the idea that the developers gave the auto combo more stun to automatically work in every situation to make everyone feel like they are having fun. Ill go with the first idea, but for now ya because of that theres no reason to ever think that you would not eventually mash combo because it makes your combo longer and gives you the ability to do longer combos as well down the road. If that changes in a different version of the game will see, but from all the footage thats been out there that seems to be the case.