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  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th

    any stealth changes to ryu or the game system? Or maybe some unlisted changes with strider? Any reason for me to download this patch and put in teh game again to try to make another combo video or is there nothing "added" at all to say?


    Most of the changes are only changes to the neutral or damage values. HSD glitch is gone so basically the game is back to where it was at launch where you're capped at the 6 to 7k minus some storm shit.

    ya so nothing eh? I just dled it and put it in and I deff see the strider change about grams doing less knockdown time, so i guess I could lab it out to see what are the best optimal combos again.. but at the day, in this game.. what is real optimal anyway since generally no matter what you do or start off with, youll always end up at the same place so not sure if its worth justifying....

    Thanks though
  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    I dunno maybe im looking at the wrong dragon ball fighter z discord whatever, but ive gone back to multilple things searching months on it, and i have seen jack shit. Ive lookd through the different channels says dragon fighter z theres like a news part of it,a resources, general all these things. Its almost all nonsense and no real discussions that i see, and most the time anything is discussed its false so youll have to hype me to a good discord i guess cuz i havnt seen it.
  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    Thoughts of kids buu trailer was I actually thought the music was garbage. In general I havnt been that horny about the music that ive heard for the game period sans the city stage theme really. Again its to bad that most the popular video game music from other games will probably never get to be used again since that guy is now black listed.

    As for kid buu himself looked like the stretchy normals had same animation/pose whatever you want to call it as regular. So I wonder if it might be something like if you hold down the button he stretchs, if he doesnt he does the non stretchy version. Or maybe even a sim, if you hold back while doing the normal he doesnt do a far version. but that almost seems to complicated for the vibe of this game....

    Looks like he has a lot of moves, and judging from that destroying the world blast, im guessing as it is now there will never be a regular super buu.

    And that trailer still doenst show flying squirrel and some other classic attacks youd think he might have so assuming those are in glad to see he looks reasonably complex comparatively although at the same time, certainly sad as well when you think that certain characters they put more effort into making complicated etc and other characters they cared "less" about.
  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    Meh~ where do you even look at twitter though? I have browsed a few supposedly "informed" people about this game and I was disappointed. Unless itis just so scattered and not reasonable to look up. Which would then tell me its not the most plausible thing to have a real conversation if its that hard to find.
  • Re: What happened to SRK/the FGC?

    Ya I am part of some facebook groups for fighting games, but I dont see much on them besides usually people just talk about a match video they saw or wanting to play in real life. Like trying to set up tourneys etc, I dont see actual things what SRK use to be for when I was a kid like strategies tactics conversations about gameplay etc.

    And ya ive tried looking at multiple discords, honestly the conversations that I saw were basically only a step above gamefaqs sorta level I would say.