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  • Re: Forums aren't going at the end of January.

    Richter wrote: »
    Are we lucky enough to keep this god awful format for mobile? Or will Discourse get rid of that?

    Go to gearboxs forums for a look at the mobile format, it's very nice, I'm not too keen on the Web theme though

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  • Re: The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!

    Hello guys,

    after seeing @djb1ge 's massive SFV quickie overlay art for TE2's, I felt that it needed an extra kick of character specificity. Namely, their names. I've you've been observant, the trailers for SFV contained some pretty cool typographical elements, namely the character names which are individually designed, complementing the characters, similar how V-system is are i guess. So, here they are, I recreated each individually in vector format. Feel free to them on your SFV designs.

    If you find details that needs corrections, do that on your own. lol.

    These are the japanese names, find me the "M.Bison" one and i'll update and add it.


    Can we link this to the first post? I think these are pretty cool and many people will benefit from them. Image quoting to show what image I'm on about...
  • Re: Venom arcade stick PS4/PS3

    appomo wrote: »
    anyone here who kept the orinal parts?
    would like to know how your "longtime" experience with it is so far.

    I got rid of the square gate after a few days, but the parts are not bad. They have a bit of a different feel to them, I think the stick is a cheaper metal but should not need to be replaced so thats £15 saved, the buttons dont have the same clicky feel so feel a bit different but i havn't noticed any lag from them whilst using them. They are gone now that I'm doing a second custom stick