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  • Re: The Official Qanba Fightstick Thread (New products Coming)

    That price tag though. lol.
  • Re: Video Game General 3.0 - You know what should come back? Pre-rendered backgrounds!

    I don't know what the hell is going on in here, but the solution's pretty simple:

    1) All involved parties need to show up to an event offline and scrap it out. Nobody in the actual community really gives a shit what you can do, or claim to do, in an online match. Handle it irl and make sure there's witnesses.

    2) Record and/or stream that shit for my the community's entertainment.
  • Re: PS360+ and Windows7 64-bit issues

    Seems like I have this issue as well. Got a 64-bit PC running Windows 7 - I keep getting "USB device not recognized" whenever I plug my new Hitbox in, regardless of whether I let the PS360+ autodetect, force PC/PS3 mode, or force 360 mode since I have the drivers for 360 controllers installed. No dice.

    The interesting thing is, I have a 32-bit toaster running Vista that I used to run SF4 on a while ago; plugged the Hitbox into that, installed just fine. To me this indicates the PS360+ has some sort of issue with 64-bit systems, but those are so prevalent nowadays you'd think there would be more people complaining about this issue if it was actually that simple.

    Uninstall the current drivers you have, upgrade the firmware on the PS360+, and try again. That often resolves the problem. I'm running my PS360+ on my 64-bit W7 just fine.
  • Re: Norcal Super Turbo thread

    jugoso wrote: »
    Hey, guys

    I'm visiting from Chile and I'll be staying in Mountain View for November. Anyone nearby going to 37 moment tourney? Can chip in for gas

    Hey Jugoso.

    Most of the ST players have moved away from the forums and more onto social media sites like Facebook.

    Here's a link to the NorCal ST Facebook Page, where pretty much all the norcal players view and post there.

    I think you'll find better luck posting in there than here. Hope to see you at 37!
  • Re: SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Arcade Stick FAQ (Read this before asking questions)

    Terakahn wrote: »
    I don't know if this was answered somewhere else but I haven't seen it. What is the best option for a newer player looking for a dual platform stick? The atrox looks great, but I havent been able to find any solid info on whether or not its Dual moddable. The Etokki Omni looks nice, but it seems out of stock everywhere I looked. Wanted to make sure I have the right information before I spend $200+ on a new stick.

    The Omni seems incredibly hard to find, but the Atrox is very very accessible. Only problem will be the modding which I dont have any idea how to do, but I'm sure I could learn if I had the right resources to guide me.


    It's worth looking into the Qanba Q4RAF or Eightarc series of sticks. Their top of the line products are dual modded, solid case, using quality parts. It's noted that the Q4RAF sometimes have lackluster PCBs that potentially burn out after two years or so, but it seems to be a random problem.