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  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    That sounds like a typical filthy eddy player lol .

    PS4 feels a lot better to me now.
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    Kotaku has a great article on Qudans and the TWT victory. Says knee and the crowd support was a big factor in helping him win . Says he knew he could beat JDCR but was not sure about Saint ...but started saying "I can do this " as opposed to "can I do this ?"

    What's funny is you see him say "I can do it" after beating Saint 2-0 in the last set of grand finals TWT.
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    Gotta love combo videos and creativity.

    Here's a set that appeared in my feed

    Knee (Devil Jin) vs Qudans (Bryan)

    Imagine running into your friend/rival while using their main versus your main

  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    The stage has the aesthetic of a Virtua Fighter or Sega stage to me. Pretty cool.
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    PVL_93_RU wrote: »
    @evilj how was the TWT venue in general? Was there a lot of people? How convinient was it to watch matches?

    I like your curiosity. I don't know or have an opinion to be honest. There's a video on Aris's youtube and he seems to really like the venue a lot. It's definitely not something I figured would work for a gaming venue because it's so wide.

    They had the main stage, then two big screen TVs to the left, with casual stations (geese and regular stations), and then to the right of the main stage but over the wall, they had another TV and then the DBZ stations. The most interesting part was the outdoor area where you can just chill and get a good view of San Francisco.

    Here's a short video I took where you can see the seating area to the left. This was during group 3 where I had no desire to watch a two jack bracket.