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  • Re: The Street Fighter V Lounge: Capcom Saved Street Fighter

    Blanka coming back might get me to pick up SF5 again. There was no single character that people hated fighting against online moreso especially with lag than Blanka in SFIV.

    Get ready to get your footsies, walking back and forth, blown up by a blanka ball to the face.

    And your tick throw, frame trap blown up by mashing electricity.

    Then when you try to sweep the electricity it trades and knocks you down LOL.
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    Abev wrote: »
    Anyone able to tell me why, for certain grommets, it feels like there's something being grinded/rubbed on inside when I tilt the shaft to max throw distance? Like, more than just the tension of the grommet itself, it seems like something is interfering with the throw.

    I felt a grinding/clicking thing once too when using my Omni and tilting the lever/shaft to max throw distance...but it turned out the grinding was because I had the dust cap upside down on the top of the stick. There's a little edge on the dust cap that will rub on the stick if have it upside down.
  • Re: The Wrestling Thread: Say his name. - Clash of Champions 12/17 - Royal Rumble 1/27

    I liked when Voldemort won.
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    Gotta love combo videos and creativity.

    Here's a set that appeared in my feed

    Knee (Devil Jin) vs Qudans (Bryan)

    Imagine running into your friend/rival while using their main versus your main

  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    The stage has the aesthetic of a Virtua Fighter or Sega stage to me. Pretty cool.