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  • Re: SRK Forums *NOT* closing down at the end of January 2018

    The entirety of English Wikipedia w/o pictures is only 16GB. Let that sink in.....
    I'd say this site, text only, is under 4GB because of how predictabo FGC English text is, the entropy is so good. But you know what, the reasons they gave are 100% bogus. It's like politics, outside influence always wins. There are forums with little or no traffic still kicking, it can't be the cost.
    On a side note, the amount of ignorance of every day computer users is baffling. Does no one know how to use wget (there I've gave you all you need, run it on a server) or httt? A forum of this size can be lazily dumped in 2 months max. I'll be dumping what I want. See you suckers
  • Re: The (hella good) KOF14 Gameplay Discussion Thread

    SNK has lowered the bar. This game is trash, don't waste your time. Wait for XV or go back to 98.

    Their standards are so low right now, everything they make has faults. Just look at the simple picture you posted, can't you see the typo?
    This is a half century old (44) company we're talking about, not some uprising small workshop owner.

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  • Re: What's going on at Capcom?

    @The_Shakunetsu …Shill? Troll harder.
    It is so easy to accuse people. In fact it’s more effective than actually refuting.
    My other linked accounts have nothing but KOF (ST just a little). I always praise KOF98 whenever I get the chance. I even called Capcom “corporate greed“. So why the quick judge? It’s okay though, the vast majority is like this. I’m just the ugly black duckling here.

    Again, overlooking a lot of points. I explicitly said if XIV had good overall design then I wouldn’t mind some mistakes here and there. Just how many times are you going to repeat "facial feature"?
    While I'm trying to show you the big picture you insist on looking at it on a microscopic level. What you like/dislike is not universal and is very very subjective. Therefore I'm not going to waste any more time talking about totally off subject comparisons and whatnot.

    Anyway Capcom doesn’t need no “gimmicks”, they will sell regardless.
    Every game has had its surge in popularity and hype, and the upcoming MvCI and DBFZ will be no different. Give the big players in fighting games (SF, TK, MvC, KI, GG or in this case DBFZ) a year or so and eventually everything will even out like it always did. 12-m&q=/m/012dvc8l,/g/11b8_qs4pr,/m/0dlkf1v,Marvel vs Capcom Infinite,Dragon Ball FighterZ#TIMESERIES
    Someone’s left in the dust.
    Niitris wrote: »
    All that screeching your doing is nice and all, but everyone knows made in China SNK isn't as good as the 90s version of them.
    What's your point? Any Capcom fan boy would make the exact same fallacy: “Bla bla bla but everyone knows Capcom2017 isn't as good as the 90s version of them so give them a break.”
    Niitris wrote: »
    None of that is a legit argument for why Capcom doesn't have their shit together.
    I’m not defending anyone, but rather making a correlation between Capcom’s methodology of conducting affairs and SNK's
    Niitris wrote: »
    Please link where SNK announced DLC chars for XIV before launch. I must've missed that part, but I'm sure you remember.
    Classic Kyo & Geese DLC announced like 4 months before launch

    For the last time my major issue is:
    - SNK makes mistakes big times = fans keep sucking to it.
    - Capcom makes mistakes even slightly = fans jump on their throat.
    If SNK had been receiving the same treatment from its fans, WE’d have been making progress long time ago.
    I’ve read here on SRK people complaining about Steam edition and claiming refunds.

  • Re: RE:KOF98 Xiaohai vs Jojo

    [Ignore this. Fixed]
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  • Re: RE:KOF98 Xiaohai vs Jojo

    Again, disregarding the entirety of the post and going for the one part you think you could easily bite with Ad hominem.
    We're talking about KOF98 and this guy brings up KOFXIV then SFV... okay!

    Yes I've seen a couple of his SFV sets where he comes from winners, gets rest, then still manages to win. But SF is a different game, so don't try it.
    SCR KOFXIV Reynald vs Xiaohai? I've watched that set.
    Xiaohai came from losers, he had no rounds to spare doing what you claimed. In fact, I thought Reynald was the one throwing away rounds, playing Shin at anchor.

    Although, I must say I like the word choice

    If he had started the set holding back or playing conservatively with an Iori Daimon ura.Chris team, then I would have agreed with you. But no he just wasted those rounds playing roulette. What can you extract from 3 matches playing matchups you won't run into again? KOF is mostly reactions and that makes it even harder to analyze anything.
    Plus, Sandbagging could be easily mistaken for what you called "analyzing".