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  • Re: RE:Should Coaching Be Banned in the FGC?

    Is only one person still holding the stick/pad? If your answer is yes. Then you're only fighting one person. It's knowledge and skill vs knowledge and skill.
    Not true everytime. I'll use an extreme example to elaborate.
    2 Newbies playing each other with one of them incorrectly abusing the sweep. If you interfere and tell him "ditch the sweep", no matter what happens next, it's a completely different outcome.
    Now use the laws of proportionality and apply the above example on high level play.
    Was helpful advice and was something the player could have figured out on their own had they thought about it. Ultimately didn't mean shit because the other player was still better anyways which just proves my point.

    Well he did not figure that on his own. Had it not been for that extra bit of outside info, the challenge would've remained the same for the other guy. But it didn't, and that's crucial. Heck the outcome was clearly different; instead of an insulting free 0-2, it's a 1-2 loss with the last game being close. I can't help but imagine the high chances of it ending differently in a ft3, or yet, a ft10 set.

    People seem to project everything on Street Fighter and high level play.
    What about other games? What about the average Joe?
  • Re: RE:Should Coaching Be Banned in the FGC?

    Do you compete?
    Back in the day, I did.
    Well they aren't coaching in the middle of a match, so I don't see the harm in it.
    My point is coaching=cheating since fighting games are closer to a chess match than they are to boxing.

    Someone commented this on that vid :
    "A few years ago, I overheard a commentator saying that I needed to stop jumping. So I stopped jumping and immediately did better. I lost the set but took a match and almost took the second against who I feel was a far better opponent. Not really coaching per se, but that little piece of inadvertent advice was sooooooooo helpful."
  • Re: RE:Should Coaching Be Banned in the FGC?

    Greenwood wrote: »
    What the fuck are you talking about?

    Asking specific questions makes your life easier. I can't answer you because I don't know "what the fuck are you talking about?"

    The presence of a coach, alone, creates more room for metagames and can have an effect on the other guy even if the coach doesn't interfere. Just the fact that there's a possibility for a certain someone to help your opponent makes you think about other stuff and can distract you from the game or push you to commit mistakes.