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  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    Remember when they said the good assists will be attached to the lower end characters and the best characters will have worse assists?
    I member.

    That went to shit I guess coz all the good assists are from the first characters that were shown, it's like they forgot the assists completely while making the rest of the cast and then went "Oh shit, well we have to choose one of their specials as assists and hopefully it's good".

    Also fuck Gohan's long ass legs, I don't remember this asshole sliding fullscreen into death in the anime. This is so not canon.

    I remember that. I also remember them saying that the best assist would have longer cooldown periods.

    Issues I see in the neutral game:

    1. Meter is too easy to come by. The charge mechanic is absolutely useless. When it's so easy to gain meter, it makes zoning almost impossible since you can almost always use a bar to vanish around it. Right now all people are doing is rushing down. My #3 will explain this in detail. Meter gain needs a 30% decrease.

    2. Super dash is too viable. You can 2H it when grounded, but when in the air and at point blank range it's a different story. There needs to be options that stop it in the air consistently to discourage abuse. I've notice people will tag out when you jump since stopping a dashing teammate coming in is extremely difficult to punish at that point. Super dash is also too accurate. It will even turn around and track a vanish or even a switched teammate coming in.

    3. Chip damage is way too low. The reason people are doing nothing but Rush-down is because you get basically nothing off of projectile use. There needs to be viable strategies for using chip as a way to win. With that said, there needs to be ground AND air options to fully negate chip damage. Like in guilty gear with faultless defense to negate chip and push your opponent away from you while using your meter as a resource for that option.

    4. Most projectiles/attacks are homogeneous in their output. A character like Piccolo with a slow projectile should have high projectile durability since its slow and you can super dash right by it. The same with Beerus' orbs. This system should be fully implemented into the game:

    This would make All the characters stand out more and match-up experience would be needed more for each individual. Currently, everything just cancels each other out, which is extremely boring.
  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    PVL_93_RU wrote: »
    The leak mentions costumes. Shit's fake

    Remember friends, Bamco's funding this project. There's also more staff on board.
  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    No I got what you said, English is my first language, I just disagreed with your point and explained a different perspective. There is still a low skill floor because if they decide SSB is too much for them they can switch to regular SSJ Goku and not have to worry about the higher skill ceiling and leaving potential damage on the table by worrying about something that's above them anyway. By making Blue so much better as an Install for Goku you invalidate any reason to use the base form at all, on top of making them decide between going for the install or supering. By keeping this separate you eliminate this problem while still offering both types of players what they want, a face for the game that is beginner friendly while also offering a better version for people looking for more. Combining them creates a false dichotomy for what the character is supposed to represent, a beginner friendly entry point and a more advanced option for players who want that. People don't really want to flip flopping between a highly advanced option and a more shallow beginner friendly option. The parallels when installing as SSB Goku seems to be are too far apart for them to naturally gel together as a single entity.

    Least that's how it seems to me with how they are describing the two Goku's one entry level and one advanced. By separating them you still keep the low ceiling option, SSJ Goku hasn't gone away just because the Blue is there now, and you offer a permanent advanced option for players looking for that who don't esnt to deal with needing to build bar and find a window to play the character they actually want to play. I certainly don't want to muck about with a "dull" character in order to gain access to the "interesting" character every single time the match starts. If the difference between them is pronounced enough then that is just silly, especially since Installs are usually temporary so the interesting option is the temporary one and I have to keep find the bar to spend and the window to advance up to the interesting mode. That's annoying. Don't want to deal with that.

    With having transformations, the casual can choose to use it or not. Regular Goku is already complete. All they would be doing is adding to him. Players have to now choose between the two, which makes the extra slot redundant.

    The problem with the decided form is that a pro will never pick regular Goku. That's bad game design.
  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    There's nothing to elaborate on.

    Keep in mind guys this game is really meant to pull in DBZ/S fans, people who probably dont play fighters generally, so they are going to make characters like Goku rather basic to pull those people in. Goku Blue gives you that higher level of depth with that character for people looking for that, making regular Goku really dense mechanics and tech wise defeats a lot of the point of the game.

    I'm not sure, but English must not be your primary language. If you would've actually read what I wrote instead of jumping to comment, you would've seen this: "The casual still gets to play regular Goku, but still, has the skill ceiling potential to reach utilizing the ssb transformation correctly."

    Translation: Transformations = killing two birds with one stone. The characters are easy to get into, but hard to master. Going from the lowest martial art belt to the highest.

    The problem now is that the casual that picks ssb versions has to start off with a more challenging character at the start. There's no low skill floor for them.