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  • Re: MvC2/MvC Origins for xbox 360. How much are they worth?

    Yeah what better way to find out than to ask a forum with fighting game knowledge. How much he asking? I'd bite his fingers off its on the lower end.

    Edit. I'm still on the look out for psn marvel origins. Anyone? Anyone?....I'll get my coat.
  • CPSII roms, amazement yet confusion?

    I've searched the net trying to find an answer but couldnt find one specifically for this.

    So recently I acquired a Wii console with the SD card and all the roms, emulators etc such as Retroarch which included the final burn alpha and had the Capcoms CPS1, 2 & 3 on there.

    To my amazement xmen vs streetfighter played flawlessly, and same with the other capcom fighters. I was unsure whether it was my eyes because I can't understand why people are paying a lot of money for games and consoles (yeah I understand the collecting , real feel of the hardware...)

    The reason I ask this is because I just forked out over a £100 for a few capcom fighters for the sega saturn (plus an action replay cart).

    So do these roms/emulators have any glitches or any considerable amount of difference to warrant me playing the real deal instead of these? I understand these are emulated from Capcoms arcade games but I assumed that they would be of lower quality?

    So basically what I'm asking is ; do any of the classic capcom fighters (or any other fighters for that matter) play any lesser quality or speed than they're best console version (ie the saturn/dreamcast) ?

    As the titles suggest; amazed but scratching my head somewhat.
  • Re: Ps2 connecting it to component /ypbpr ?

    Guys the cheap arse cable actually made the picture quality look great. I was more than happy with hooking that up instead of composite. I noticed the composite had a weird blur to it anyway. But the component looks sharper, somewhat a tad faded (very mild) but I've been on comparison videos on YouTube and this seems to be the case. Whether this cable will fuck up on me down the line is another story so i get what yous are saying but as I'm just getting into this a cheaper cable seems to do the trick.

    DarkSakul, so that site you linked that sells the retro gaming wires, i believe I had seen a rgb scart (better than normal scart) but what's the sync on green flaw all about?