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  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    TAS'd this just to show someone it's possible

  • Re: Predicting And Understanding A Situation

    There's a few things you should recognize about your play, and your opponent's play.

    - You always jump from the same distance. The Ryu player already has this read on you to the point where he just randomly uppercuts at that distance in one round because he is expecting the jump.
    - The reason you jump here is because you're not comfortable with the ground game. You try hard to avoid that mid-range either by going back further and trying to zone(?) him, or by jumping. He is expecting this. That's why you could get away with the walk up throws. He expects you to attack from the air, not the ground. Exploit this.
    - It seems he isn't that comfortable with the ground-game either. Or perhaps he just thinks you're free to aerial attacks (I don't know if you landed a single anti-air). He uses the common beginner strategy of "poke-poke, cross-up". You should always be ready for that. Better still, intentionally put yourself in that position and be prepared to counter him with an anti-air (a jump back attack works, but try to maintain your position if possible with a grounded AA). Expect the "double jump". Also, if you notice an opponent prefers jumping to grounded pressure, try to force a footsie game. Don't use extended blockstrings. Stop your strings at the distance where he has to challenge you on the ground, jump, or back-off. Since you know he likes to jump at this range (you're basically simulating the "poke-poke x-up" range for him), it's free Anti-Air damage.
    - Notice how much better you do in the first round of the last match by focusing on grounded attacks. His jump should have been expected since you were pushing him to the corner. Once you have him cornered back off and let him hang himself. The onus is on him to fight his way out. Use her for horizontal space control and cr.hp for vertical control (at the appropriate ranges, of course). And of course once you manage to pressure him, you should expect the reversal super. It does crazy damage in X-ISM.
    - You should always consider the situations where you lose health. Did you put yourself in that situation, or did he "play" for it? Think about that while reviewing your matches. Something that might lead you to some sort of insight... he rarely cornered you. And when he did, he backed off. This should tell you something.

    So to answer your initial question, sometimes it's easier to try to figure out what you're doing wrong, rather than what he opponent is doing right. A very cursory review of your replays should at least tell you that you lose damage in the same situation most of the times (bad jumps, weak x-up defense).
  • Re: Hacking the ST rom...

    B.A.L. wrote: »
    Alright, I've got the lifebar working. Now, I'm working on a little project, and I need to have input sent to MAME-RR trough lua. For that, I'm using the joypad.set() function in lua in MAME-RR, but it doesnt seem to be working (only Service Mode button works, I cant get anything else working)...does anyone know if joypad.set() in mame-rr is bugged?

    You can do this in modern versions of Mame, so you don't necessarily need Mame-RR. I used Groovymame + Lua to create this rudimentary dummy:
  • Re: Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures

    Her nerfed tatamis are a bigger deal than her GCs IMO.

    While I do understand that players hate having to play "differently" for whatever reason, Baiken's GCs in the older games were not "free". They could be baited (just like anything else) and punished hard. There were some pressure strings that just outright beat some or all of her GC options too.
  • Re: The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere

    Veserius wrote: »
    The African FGC seems to be full of scrubs from what I've seen from interacting with them online and reading @ilitirit 's posts on the subject.

    True. But we don't consider them part of the FGC proper. We do have a few top players who travel though, either who live here or visit often enough. One of them trains with Book and Jadey. He beat JDCR at TGU in casuals, lost 2-1 in the tourney.

    Some memories from the scrub FGC:

    - You are allowed to pause to interrupt an opponent's combo, but only once (Tekken)
    - You can't use the same move more than 3 times in a row (Injustice)
    - "Get out! You are demoralizing the players!" (Friend getting asked to leave a tourney because of trash talk)
    - Justin Wong and Daigo play with respect and integrity, so follow their example and don't spam fireballs (some SF4 tournament way back)

    Probably some I missed.