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  • Re: Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures

    Baiken is so weak that even Mission mode is a bad matchup:

  • Re: The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere

    Veserius wrote: »
    The African FGC seems to be full of scrubs from what I've seen from interacting with them online and reading @ilitirit 's posts on the subject.

    True. But we don't consider them part of the FGC proper. We do have a few top players who travel though, either who live here or visit often enough. One of them trains with Book and Jadey. He beat JDCR at TGU in casuals, lost 2-1 in the tourney.

    Some memories from the scrub FGC:

    - You are allowed to pause to interrupt an opponent's combo, but only once (Tekken)
    - You can't use the same move more than 3 times in a row (Injustice)
    - "Get out! You are demoralizing the players!" (Friend getting asked to leave a tourney because of trash talk)
    - Justin Wong and Daigo play with respect and integrity, so follow their example and don't spam fireballs (some SF4 tournament way back)

    Probably some I missed.
  • Re: Real whiff punish in SFV

    The guy didn't really ask questions but exposed his theory about how whiff punishes work in SFV and insisted he was right even when people pointed out he was misinterpreting the very nature of whiff punishing. He never asked if whiff punishing is hard in this game and said that "99,9% of the time" it only happens if the opponent whiffs a button after that your blockstring pushed him too far. You never attempted to reply to this very statement but instead went on with your lesson about how "traditional footsies" don't exist in SFV.

    The fact he approved what you're saying doesn't prove anything since he barely understands the concept of whiff punishing. He probably just did that because you said you agreed with him.

    I did in fact respond 100% to his question.
    You see where he says this?
    e can only try placed moves/prediction moves in the hope of stuffing an opponent button .

    You don't need to fully comprehend his broken english to understand his question.

    "Placed" move = Defensive Poke. If you know this, then it should be very clear what he is asking.

    Then I went on to explain why it doesn't happen that often in SFV, and I didn't just stop at Whiff Punishing. I went on to explain why Defensive Pokes are the most commonly seen ground game technique in another post.

    Do you disagree with anything that I said?

  • Re: Unholy Night: A new fighting game from ex-SNK for... Super Nintendo??!

    Jumps are too floaty; knees are too pointy.
  • Re: The Street Fighter V Lounge: Tron Bonne rumored as DLC

    SFV won fighting game of the year and SRK's biggest thread on the game would still rather talk about MvC4.