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  • Re: Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

    Thanks for the impressions, @jopamo
    I've been waiting for to stock the SF30 Pro, but we'll see if I still want those. I might just settle for getting the SFC30 and the Classic Mini dongle to use for my SNES Classic instead.
    You’re welcome. For the SNES Classic, your proposal is the preferred one. Analog sticks are a waste for that use case anyway.

    About your North East retail experience:
    While a $10 compensation discount isn’t normal in the US, adjusting the price at the register to reflect the sticker price IS. Though I’m not surprised at what you had encountered...
    I’ve lived in four states in the US: NJ (born & raised), NY, RI and now CA. I’ve encountered that crap you’ve experienced in three of them. Can you guess which ones those were?

    [hint: they are geographically clustered amongst each other.]

    Why, you ask? Because, East Coast. That’s why. That’s one of the (many) reasons why I’m still on the left coast (well, except for the pizza).
  • Re: Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

    UPDATE: I returned these things. Even despite a firmware update to “fix” the terrible vibration motor noise, they are just too small for my hands.

    I posted above yesterday, so does this count as a double post? (Nah...)

    Anyway, my 8bitdo SF30 Pro controllers arrived today (which is great as I have the day off to mess around). I have to say, they look as nice as my previous SFC30’s—except now they have L2 & R2 buttons, USB-C data/charging ports, and (of course) analog sticks with rumble motors.

    Here’s how they came packaged:

    The nice outer box of the SFC30 has been replaced with a flimsy cardboard sleeve on the SF30 Pro. However, at least they’ve shrouded the controller to prevent friction damage during shipment.

    So far I’ve paired these with my Switch and a Raspberry Pi running Retropie 4.3. In both cases they’ve paired perfectly with no headaches, and play with no perceptible lag.

    The trigger buttons and analog sticks are very welcome additions. They feel great, and work great.

    So far so good, right?

    Well...the rumble motors are really loud and feel a bit ghetto-cheap in their vibration delivery, but they do get the job done. I’m not a fan of vibration in general, so I’m looking forward to a firmware update that allows for disabling the feature.

    Now their predecessors were super-light, and it seems that such remains with this generation. It’s subjective, but the Switch Pro controller and DualShock 4 have much better weight (and ergonomics) for duty with the Switch and Retropie, respectively. I use a Xbox One Elite controller with PC (which is heavy AF), so there’s not much of a comparison there...

    Here’s the annoyingly shitty part...
    Either I’ve got ginormous thumbs, or 8bitdo should have spread things out a bit. Check it:

    I’m hitting at about a 70% “derp rate,” where pressing the Y button or swinging my thumb in the down-right or right directions on the d-pad inadvertently actuates the nearby analog stick.


    Is it a dealbreaker? I dunno yet. I’m going to give them a few days of use. However, it’s possible that these may be gifted to my buddy for X-Mas for his Retropie system that I just finished for him (he has small hands with twigs for fingers, LOL)

    My advice?:
    If you have a Switch....get a Switch Pro controller.
    If you have a PC...get an Xbox One, Xbox 360 or DualShock 4 controller.
    If you have a Raspberry Pi (or similar small-board PC), sure...get the SF30 Pro (or SN30 Pro)...but ONLY if you have thin thumbs.
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  • Re: Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

    In case anyone here needed another reason to buy a Nintendo Switch.
  • Re: Secret Santa 2017 - Sign Up Oct 1 to Nov 10.

    Work has me detoured for a week in LaLa Land. Looks like my early shipment came out as BS. I promise to get it out before the 9th.
  • Re: What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting.

    1. Hitbox is not a pad...
    2. The guy asked 3 months ago...

    @Volt the Hori Fighting Commander is another possibility. The PS4/PS3 and Xbox One/360 versions can both be ordered via Amazon.