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  • Re: So what happened to Gamerfinger?

    Wait. These clowns are trying to claw themselves back into the market...

    And they take 3 weeks to SHIP your order? Pathetic.
  • Re: Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread

    i used two working usb cables. one is 10ft the other is 18". the board does light up. everything is grounded properly (chances of me making an error all three times i re-wired are pretty slim, especially if it's just screw terminal). i have tried using multiple wires, switches and buttons, all to no avail. i've disconnected everything, boxed it up, and put it in for an rma already. i've seen a lot of praise for brook in this thread, but for me, it's a very bad first experience with a product and company that doesn't respond to tweets or emails. i've used buttons from a working fightstick and could only deduce that it is in fact a faulty board.

    Wait. So you’ve done so much troubleshooting that you’ve already deduced that your wiring skills are infallible, and that the issue is merely a faulty board.
    You already submitted an RMA.
    So you basically just came here just to bitch about their support not being timely...

    Why waste the time of people who wanted to help you then?!
  • Re: Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

    Always thought that name was inordinately long...
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  • Re: Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

    Already posted in the BUTTHOLES thread
    Never heard of that thread before...

    Sounds like it’s in General Discussion.
  • Re: Sub 1 frame HDTV/Monitor Input Lag Database

    So you went ahead and counted? I would have guessed 10. Glad i didn't guess. Nor did that detract from the point.
    My only point was to show that you are being a tool.
    Do you guys even logic?
    Thank you for further proving my point (with your lackluster English).