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  • Re: What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting.

    hitbox is were it is at
  • who has the best stagger strings

    thinking about changing from laura o somebody else
  • Re: SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

    Cipher wrote: »
    Cipher wrote: »

    Your point with "they're not capabel as solo fighters" is completly irrelevant for god sake.
    We have fucking Dan in SF games, the guy who basicly loses to bitchslaps from random passengers.

    Whatever you think isn't relevant about this, I know Capcom is autistic when it comes to character developemeant and reasoning, the fact that the powerlevel of characters are inconsitent as fuck doesn't help your points even in the slightest.
    We have a world were KI is the answer for anything and people can become Mary Sue's by sitting afk under a Waterfall for 2 hours in a cinematic storymode.
    I have done almost every weapon based Doll movelist a year ago mostly inspired of Samurai Shodown but the release of the cinematic mode by their portrayal makes those ideas irrelevant, because what the cinematic mode says about them justify they ain't capable of being a solo character as a fighter at all even how we push through even bringing Dan to the idea doesn't change the fact because Dan isn't in SFV while the Dolls is in this.

    The Dolls capabilities and skills are very much elaborated in SFV.
    Cipher wrote: »
    It doesn't matter what you think or what some cinematic has shown, it's fixed to character balance ingame and not to any sort of lore.
    I take again Juni from Alpha3, who was a very strong character and got a freaking Arsenal of moves.
    She didn't need Juli, neither was she so important that it was impossible for her to work without her.
    You try to use lore as reasoning for a character design and balance, thats nonsense simple as that.

    The thing is they didn't win or cannot stand out individually. It's not the lore base from hypothesis but the recent say so by portrayal that Capcom even gave strong emphasis overall to every doll that cannot be easily ignored unlike the previous era which everyone is base to A3 which is more theoretical as explanation than being coherently informative like SFV cinematic mode did.
    Cipher wrote: »
    And as I said I mean I made Movelists for all Dolls, I meant for all Dolls, not just for weaponusers based on moves from other games, I mean entirely new. (well and Billy Kane stuff for some Jianyu moves).

    I did the same thing also because it was before the cinematic mode.

    and having them a decent movelist doesn't still make them relevant alone because of SFV cinematic mode which breaks all the imaginations and dreams of what we used to think about them.

    Whatever A3 playable Juni and Juri doesn't makes them relevant as an argument because some of their confrontation are questionable in canon and a guarantee never victorious or a lose. The thing of the past in the previous SF isn't a relevant justification of strength what the cinematic mode portrayed them is what they are now.

    Are you mentaly challenged?

    It doesn't matter what is in the god damn cinematic thats absolutly pointless and adds nothing to your argument outside of the desperation to justify your own point.

    Better call the Capcops and ask them how they could make Hugo and Poison full characters, they were just cannonfooder in FF and shouldn't be able to fight anyone without appearing in 5 character groups.

    And again I want to hint again that it doesn't matter what is in the cinematic, character balance, gameplay and designed aren't limited to this.
    Decapre and Alpha 3 have shown that there is no need to make them 2in1 since they work completly fine alone.

    The only thing that doesn't make sense, is your view on this and you make these points up to justify your idea.
    Your points alone make no sense, since you try to apply lore reasoning for character design and balance.
    This is not how it works, otherwise should Dan lose after getting jabbed by anyone.

    everybody outside of me is mentally challenged lmao
  • Re: S2 Laura: Now with 50/50 more grappling fun

    how do u get somebody to play footsies with you in a match as a laura player
  • Re: The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere

    You wrote: »
    if any of you ever feel down just go to @mobbdeep 's YouTube channel or even through his posts on SRK. Stuff's gold I swear.

    eat a dick