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  • Re: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Player Interview with David Boudreau aka XSPR from Japan

    Almost a year to the day from my time traveling, and for some strange reason I still see all this "by Seth Killian" stuff around the Controlling Space paper, instead of, "by XSPR/mrdhalsim"
    mrdhalsim wrote: »
    Ok now that EVO 2012 is done, I'll go into a little more of my time travels. I am back from the past and have set history straight, however I'm going to need YOU to help, ah, what's that phrase? "Keep it real". When you see the proof that my time machine works, please go to the Controlling Space thread and click "Like" on my post there at the bottom (mrdhalsim).

    Here is the proof- it's a bunch of reading, with other unrelated stuff included to make it mesh well with the universe and avoid potential calamities, however, buried somewhere in my verbose writing is nested the essence of controlling space and where Seth clearly got his inspiration. Apparently, in some timewarp factor incident during my travel, Seth and Ponder (Inkblot's twin brother) commented on it themselves in some rare spin of cosmic justice or something- still workin out the calculations for all that, not sure how it happened exactly yet, but in any case you can see what they say. Or, should I say, have already said. btw Ponder kinda counts as Inkblot himself, because you know they probably have some genius twin power activation where Ponder wrote it on his computer and like, in some other location, Inkblot gets the spider sense and looks up like "huh? I just got this strange feeling like someone just wrote the basis for a thesis on the fundamental fighting game strategy that people will refer to again and again." Here it is:!topic/
    Ok so read all that, or just the parts about controlling space, and Seth's comments. THEN go to the modern day Controlling Space thread, and see MY comment (mrdhalsim, which should be all the way at the bottom) and click LIKE on it:

    This will demonstrate to the world that the real is something that, above all, must be KEPT.