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  • Re: The Castlevania Thread

    DoctaMario wrote: »
    The Rondo remake is arguably easier than the original. And they didn't really redesign much. The levels follow the same path, they just look different. And which armor knight are you talking about? The Bible is really the way to go in DXC, it hits multiple times sometimes, clears a path around you and there isn't anything that I'm aware of that's immune to it. Stage 4 is one of my least favorite levels overall, but they made it really beautiful in DXC, so I can stomach it more there.
    That's a surprise, because Rondo was already the easiest Castlevania game I played by far, metroidvanias aside. One can finish the game with more than 20 lives, if he doesn't screw up much. The only hard sections are the alternate route in stage 2 (after killing or evading the Behemoth, either falling from the first or third holes), and the great armors in stage 5' - in case you got there with less than half heath bar. And no, I ain't talking about using Maria, since she's there for your younger sister to play and not die, in case you have one.

    The bible breaks the game: it hits almost any boss several times, and it also destroys their projectile attacks, when they have any. And when it fails, one can simply use an item crash to get out of the situation. I think the hardest way to play the game would be to get the key in stage 2 and keep it. It still gives you infinite item crashes, but the invulnerability on it is shorter, and it would still be easy if you know the boss patterns.
  • Re: sf2ce

    The western versions have always been development versions sold as if they were the final build. CE and HF western versions are basically incomplete versions of the game. And S2 versions had a major glitch in Zangief's kick 360. It's really sad, but that's how it was. And they were still the best arcade games, hands down.

    As for bottom tier characters: Rog was bottom tier in the western versions, while Chun was bottom tier in the Japanese version of Dash/CE. Chun is bad due to having no invulnerable anti-airs and a pretty short range on her crouching kicks. Rog happens to be worse in the western versions because his TAPs never charge up.
  • Re: looked painfully slow

    There's lots of stupid, non-SF stuff in SF4. You need to be in denial not to see that, or simply not know how it used to be played. Stupid anti-airs, the jab nonsense, weird hitboxes, the COMPLETELY DIFFERENT start-up, active and recovery times, the floaty jumps. The opinions one sees in this thread is why almost every thread 09ers touch gets pointless and would better be deleted.
  • Re: Is Gouken a shoto? Legitimate discussion

    AOS- wrote: »
    In Super SF2, Ken's tatsu didn't knock down. Ryu's did. It's been like this up until now.
    JJust for the sake of curiosity, here are some differences up until SSF2, since in ST they are very different:

    Ryu has a few frames, while stunned, when he eats double damage.
    Ryu's kick throws do not move himself (and the enemy) as far as Ken's, since he doesn't roll.

    Ken's tatsumaki combos and move faster.
    Ryu's tatsumaki have invulnerable start-up and recovery, and knock down.
    Ryu's hadoukens have faster start-up.
    Ken's shoryukens have faster start-up and recovery.
    Ken's shoryukens have a bigger hitbox.
    Ken's diagonal jumping fierce punch has better priority (smaller vulnerable area below).
    Ken's neutral jumping fierce punch has worse priority (bigger vulnerable area below).

    IIRC, the same differences from CE.

    Same differences from CE, plus:
    Ryu's hadoukens have a different animation art.
    The recovery and the hitbox on Ryu's hadoukens increase as the strength of the punch increases. (So there an advantage and a disadvantage.)
    Ryu gains a new special move: the shakunetsu hadouken.
    Ryu's tatsumaki still have some invulnerability, but only during start-up, and it's reduced to 4 frames.
    Ryu can not combo a jumping attack into and air tatsumaki against most enemies (first attack whiffs, only the second one may combo).
    Ken's fierce hadouken sets the enemy on fire and hits up to three times.
  • Re: The ST match vids + discussion thread

    This channel has lots of East/West team matches and tournaments:

    According to Google Translate, it's from Sanseibu Johoku shop in Hamamatsu City.