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  • Re: Official shmupmame Super Turbo thread

    Mini ST as the future?

  • Re: The Fatal Fury Special Thread.

    lawgamer wrote: »
    keo-bas wrote: »
    Outside a handful of situations your better off ignoring bears command grab and using his many normal grab. 9d choke hold even does more damage and possible set up out of it. You'll want to use command grab like some type of reversal for people or underestimate its range or gap in pressure strings. But bears regular throw are more consistent and at times mostly better. Though it is possible to combo the command from up close lp so its not useless.

    It combos? Like in cl.Lp xx grab = no escape? I assumed that FFS has SF-like system where you avoid all throw attempts by jumping.
    Not sure if you're confusing Jab FIghter 4 with Street Fighter, but SF is not like that. At all. The only way out of tick-throws is a reversal. Reversal throw, reversal invulnerable special, or reversal instantly-airborne special. Or super, in case of ST, Alpha and EX.
  • Re: [September 20th-21st 2014]X-Mania Europe 4 - Pau (France)

    I'll leave my contribution and translate the thread title to English, since it's in Portuguese, atm:
    [September 20th-21st 2014]X-Mania Europe 4 - Cock (France)
  • Re: Favorite/Most Hated Characters in Fighting Games

    1. Akuma: the scrub magnet.
    2. Sakura: the sign SF franchise was going downhill from a man's game to an otaku's game.
  • Re: Dizzy is a terrible fighting game mechanic

    Lemres wrote: »
    I think stun is fine as is. The only issue I have with stun is when it stays at a certain value when blocking. For example, Akuma gets hit by Zangief's HP headbutt which is 600 stun. Zangief jumps in with a body splash into a bnb. Akuma manages to block everything but he still has that 600 stun to worry about because it was blocking doesn't allow stun to decrease. The deciding factor now is whether or not to be defensive and try and escape the pressure to let the stun cool down, or go on the offensive and hope for the same thing. In both situations, you'll risk getting hit and then you'll definitely get stunned. I just feel like blocking shouldn't lock down the stun value to whatever you got hit with last. It should decrease just like it would if you were walking, crouching, etc.
    Just out of curiosity: which game behaves this way? Seems very strange.