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p.m novaroad pilot


p.m novaroad pilot
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  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    appomo wrote: »
    how many matchups do you guys really learned so far,
    that you know which stuff is duck/sidestepable ect to get your best punish out of these situations?

    I know the Mishima matchup but I hate the mirror so Ill play another one if they pick one usually but that's more anticipating then anything in those and recognizing tendencies for the main tools

    to be honest I know enough of the matchups for every character where you cant do bullshit to me too long and I know how 3d strings and shit work from play soul caliber and this game for years.
    so I don't get abused by stuff alot. lag aside if i'm playing online where its harder to step and certain things become abused easily. Lili in lag becomes a very different beast online. but hopefully the input delay fix will help things.

    offline I've played people that try to do the same stuff online and they get blown up. Plus I've seen it and done it in tournament
    just the amount of death matches I've had played and having friends that play everyone makes it so that I'm prepped for alot of shit. although the one that played Lili, Chloe and xiayou moved to japan so that changes things but I've played him enough to where I know those matchups too.

    I'm playing the player more often then I'm playing the character. trying to adapt to their tempo and how creative they are with the character
    I don't always react properly. many factors can come into play but I can react optimally when it counts and I'm good at judging distance too.

    I save my best punishes some times
    what I mean is that if I'm scraping, hanging in the match with the person and I'm still in a position to win but they are getting away with some thing some times early in the set Ill let it go so that if its close I know they might go to it in the clutch and that's when ill make them pay for it.

    depends on who I'm playing sometimes I might stop it early to make them play different in a way that they aren't used to then the match has to evolve and its a scramble to the finish.

    but yeah I'm playing the player more often then then the character nowadays.
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  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    evilj wrote: »
    Long post incoming cause I love this game and am always thinking.

    I played a few casual matches with Tekken Tim yesterday at a Long Beach tournament/gathering. He is top 2 or 3 in SoCal imo and I remember his name from the Tekken 5 days. Real cool guy IRL.

    Granted I only played against his Heihachi , not Steve his best character .
    Played one game with Devil Jin , and though my execution is the best it's ever been since I'm using a Korean stick , I got demolished and switched immediately to hwoarang for 2-3 games. Didn't fare much better as his spacing was top notch. With hwoarang , I'm typically trying to set up mixups and whiff punish but the times I played against Tim and Waygamble, I realize how important spacing and distance is, it honestly feels like I'm playing street fighter.
    I switched again as I felt like I wasn't putting any pressure on him with Hwoarang. Funny thing is, I do this exact same thing to other hwoarang players, but can't fight it myself.

    Stay out of his range of peacekeeper, and engage him on your own terms, that's footsies

    So then I switched to Shaheen and could feel myself playing much more tight and solid. It's amazing the difference when you play a lower execution character, you can focus on more important shit. My strategy was to focus on spacing, and when I got up close I used a lot of tracking moves.

    I was having what I felt were better matches and he knew I was Trying my best to beat him, it's pretty great when you're trying your damn hardest in casuals . I eventually took one game off him after another 3-4 matches. Damn near everything I whiffed was punished, even if it was a quick move, never been ewgf and regular wgf so much in my life.

    Some things he was doing with heihachi I never thought of or faced when playing Heihachi:

    F+2, 3 = -3 to -1 on block , I was blocking and reacting with jabs a lot afterward and he was ducking. This is something I notice a Claudio guy who typically plays against Tim in Grand Finals does here, after a safe mid (Claudio f+3) , they sometimes duck in hopes of punishing the next move with a quick WS move. Sometimes I would gamble and retaliate with df+1 or a df+2 launcher after blocking this move, but I think if he suspected this, he coulda beaten me with jabs. Rock paper scissor game...

    Blocked F+4 from a dash or wavedash:
    I know this is a move that leaves Heihachi at plus, his typical follow up would be df+1 which checks me, he seemed to be able to hit confirm df+1,2 if I push buttons or did anything stupid. Heihachi can also sidestep and see if there were any whiffs and do df+1,2.
    Eventually I played kazumi, and if I felt a df +1 was coming after a Blocked F+4, I did a quick mini backdash into a df1+,2 to punish the slight whiff of the df+1. He'd occasionally go low as a riskier option after a blocked F+4. There's kind of a rock paper scissor mind game after a block df+1 as well.

    Long range crouch dash WGF-yes regular god fist, not electric god fist. This is something I saw in old tekken tag videos, and I recently saw Qudans doing a lot of this as well against wakeups. He would bait a rising 3 from far away, and come in with a long crouch dash into regular WGF.

    Tim was doing this to me in the neutral. I actually asked him "Can I ask you, are you crouch dashing and waiting to see if you see me hit button before you push yours, or were you just going for it?" He told me "yeah I'm waiting".
    Basically he's doing a long crouch dash which goes under highs, and if I stuck out anything, he was nailing me.

    FF+2 on block: This move is -16 or -15 and it's a launcher, but it has a lot of pushback. For some reason, I instinctually want to push buttons after blocking this move because I know it's unsafe, but I was retaliating with dumb shit like Standing 4 with kazumi or other non sense that wouldn't react. I immediately got whiff punished by Heihachi's 1+2 (fireball animation) move several times. So this is definitely a setup that I will be using if I play Heihachi in the future.

    I seemed to be doing slightly better with Kazumi than Shaheen in terms of pressure, but I don't think it's character specific, it was more of me getting used to his playstyle after having a bunch of matches using Shaheen.

    yeah kasumi has alot of trouble punishing ff2 from heihachi

    with him as a sub that i use i was laughing at your post cause alot of those strats are scrubby as shit but they work. that 1+2 after ff2 is laughs i thought i was the only one that did that dumbass shit
    the best thing to do is when you have a character that cant punish it is to dash block. if you have the character that will punish it but its inconsistent then you have to show him that you can punish it that will stop the 1+2 also.
    personally what dissuades me the most from using that move is when the opponent steps it and thats only when you are predictable with it
    its tough because you have to discern between wavedash and regular dash is he gonna do it or is gonna electric to catch something and/or continue pressure or f4 to catch you also.

    regular god fist is underrated as a move its actually useful as the crush frames are longer that was a cool tactic.
    sure wavedashing into a EWGF is cool but the point is to catch them regardless lmfao we have one guy here that complains when he gets hit by a wgf but not the EWGF

    heihachi has strings that cant be punished he loses his turn after but they are all safe like 1,2, 1+2
    that used to be jab interrupt-able in tag2 but now unless you use armor its safe
    the only one that can be jab interrupted is d1,2 and even that is super risky because d1 has good push-back and he can transition into crouch so if you try to hard read the followup and jab interrupt he will get a ws punisher on you.

    as for the world tour I want to see qudans win the most or mr naps i seen qudans adapt soundly and calm to every style on the circuit even jdcrs hes won a tournament and i think he could take it hes super sharp and it would be great to see him take it. plus i been watching alot of qudans streams and hes helping me with my devil jin play alot
    I would hope that jdcr uses heihachi and I hope knee can get top 8

  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    tekken tag 1 and tekken 5 are the faster games
    JDCR started playing tekken at tag 1 he just wasnt a name guy. not to mention the internet hadnt expanded to what it is now. alot of the old school players that i talk to have matches on vhs lmfao
    one guy lost alot of the old local recorded matches around here which is irritating to say the least. youtube the main source of our online programming didnt really get started till 2005 which is tekken 5

    thats why its so impressive what knee has done and qudans resurgence. you are talking about a decade + of being dominant at the game.
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    You can't react to hell sweeps generally when facing a Mishima you have to predict humans don't react you have to follow his movements...And pick up on habits.
    You can react to the crouch dash motion but they have so many options like instant while standing moves, Electrics, command grabs, hellsweep and ff moves. If they hit the brakes they can cancel into other moves.
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    you ever have a session where you are doing better with your secondary then your main?
    cause I experienced it and im happy but irritated.

    point being ive been playing rough the past few weeks when ive had time to play
    because of real life stuff i missed the tournament (good reasons and priorities dictated it)

    anyways ive had 3 destroyer ranked people devil jin, heihachi and akuma. ive been trying to get devil jin (whos my main) to savior rank.

    its been rough finding people who will play for more than 1 game if I figure them out and running into byakkos, genbus and other peeps using their subs who been giving me that work lmfao...

    anyways I got demoted all way down to usuper with him.
    and it took forever for me to get my destroyer rank with him back i get back late sometimes so finding matches has been rough
    regardless i got it back with him a few days ago.

    after watching the mainman play heihachi i figured eh ill play a session with him instead I can play him i knew it was late and the chances of finding someone to deathmatch with were slim. But I figure ill just play him for fun. I ran into a destroyer eliza.


    it only took 30 mins, a freaking episode of Seinfeld.
    and I got savior rank.
    I want it with devil jin so the grind continues
    then akuma
    then Ill go for overlord

    offline session tonight
    ill get to play tekken with some good players with marvel as well and gundam versus later on this week
    good time to take a break.

    What's hilarious is JDCR is often said to be a Heihachi main and is known for his performance with Mishimas and yet he still only plays Dragunov when he wants to dominate (i.e. win tournaments). He often starts sets with Heihachi and then kicks it into Dragun-overdrive (awful pun) if he loses the first match. I think sometimes we have to settle for who we play best. I personally wish I was good with Yoshi but I just didn't feel him as much as I do Jin.

    yeah jdcrs plays hei if he feels his execution is really good or he feels he can beat the person without it
    i think hes switched from drag to heihachi once against speed kicks to beat him.
    drag is usually the carrier though. jack who jdcr is gonna have to face every tournament just punishes hei too much if he blocks any one of his lows. i still think the match up is even though

    I will get to savior with him (devil Jin)
    I have too hes taken me farther in tournament then hei. my best/favorite victories and upsets were with him. Every time when the other mishimas were being dumb with me hes clutched out stuff for me. we been through so much and hes my favorite character in the series... I think its akin to a batting slump but im picking it back up a little. like Naeras said for kazuya, devil jin has a high amount of significance for me.