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p.m novaroad pilot


p.m novaroad pilot
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  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    kasumis is hard to react too
    i suppose you could fuzzy it but just train your self to react to the animation of the kick
    with strings like that I duck first because if she does the mid variation you get knocked away for some damage but it least its not a launch
    they assume that if you block that one shell get punished especially by paul. since you arent reacting to it yet they do the high to get some safety

    that string can be sidewalked too so i threaten with that in neutral. just micro sidesteps for posturing to get it in their minds that i will do it that also that should help up close with
    also make them hesitate to use fff2 with micro ones to the left

    and kazuyas block punishment is kind of iffy lol
    he cant punish get up kicks sometimes because the range on b1,2 has been nerfed.

    funniest thing i heard all day after someone rage quits on me
    yall all spam too much
    but you play eddy lmfao
    i mean yeah learn the matchup and all that but i just think if you play eddy you lose any right to complain about anything
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    Punishing stuff online with kazuya is a crapshoot it's hard enough as it is so you are forced to go to his 50/50 game and space and poke I can do pewgf but in my time of playing I've only punished a hopkick once shit is tough

    mentally hes just taxing i think its a day to day thing when you play him
    some days ill be feeling it and somedays not
    the only thing about kazuya is that its really hard to jump up in your play
    like if you face a newbie and then immediately go to a seasoned played you can be disillusioned pretty easily because you were beating the new player with your strats but then to immediately jump to someone that sidesteps left or reads your hell sweeps/electrics is tough. hard to adjust.
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    Nevermind about what I said about skill level.
    People on PS4 are just as ass as on PC. I just must've been unlucky for the past couple of days and either running into smurfs, account boosters or still adjusting to the tv and/or being really tired.

    One thing that's incredible though is that search times are really low on PS4, and I meet a much bigger variety of characters, but everyone is a little bitch. I didn't have a single deathmatch on PS4 yet. Everyone goes for the one and done. I'm happy when I actually get to play 2 games.
    Shit sucks.
    yep and as you get higher it dont get any easier
    but you might have ran into people using their subs
    ill always hit the touch pad to see what im up against cause it shows their true rank though there still fraudulent people at higher ranks played a destroyer eddy who didnt know how to punish and would grab to punish lololol rage quit on me too
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    appo wrote: »
    I finally got overlord with devil Jin
    It was long but now I got there so I'm gonna play heihachi to get him there then akuma. Akuma is gonna be the toughest to get there. He's sitting at savior though. My hei is at vanquisher right now. Then I'll go for genbu

    nice accomplishment.
    dont you want your other chars to rank up or or why do you not take the final step to be in the red ranks?

    The only problem with ranked is time lol. it takes forever to find a match because the matchmaking is bugged I set it to people with in my rank or above or below. I'll end up getting people to far above or under. I've waited so long I'll put the search to any and just fight whoever.

    I'll play anyways most of the time but we aren't getting anywhere. The other issue is that if I do find somebody close to or at my rank if I win they will leave. If they win they might leave or revenge match then leave if shit goes bad. I once was about to be demoted and I brought it 5 matches back when he saw what was happening he left. I can't get too riled up but it is irritating cause I've had to hold demotions for a while now.I try to play it out most of the time. There was one point I got demoted down to usurper.

    It sounds like a lot but if matchmaking would find people faster and people would just play I would just go for it. But it's taken me long to get here and I need a break from devil Jin. plus I sub hei so I want someone at that rank. Once I have it least 2 I push for the next one so I can keep it. It may sound a little bit shallow but the time sink nudges me to play this way. Especially since I can and I'll play regardless who it is.
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    i dont mind howard estate
    forgotten realm is objectively worse anyways in terms of damage
    that stage carries the fuck out of people
    it least you only have to deal with howards estates issues in terms of high damage for one round
    i hate forgotten realm i mean i let it rock if its picked for a while but if i can pick the stage im gonna avoid that shit i do it in tournament lmfao
    i dont mind any other stage but ive seen stupid ass damage for landing the hit in forgotten into oki on that stage