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p.m novaroad pilot


p.m novaroad pilot
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  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    Hang okay a
    Shahenzan wrote: »
    Naeras wrote: »
    Take this with a grain of salt, and keep in mind that this is from the perspective of someone who considers "learning curve" here to be how hard it is to exploit a character's strengths while hiding their weaknesses, as well as how hard their execution is.

    Kazuya - Nina - (large gap) - Devil Jin - Heihachi - Hwoarang

    So hey I know Nina has some hard stuff like instant WS1 and hayashida step, but do you think they're as essential to playing her as Kaz's electrics and wavedashing are to him?

    She seems to have the tools to play a much more complete, simple game.

    with nina you have to be in and up close in order to win. things like the ss1 cancels and df1 series are important. you use the hayashida step and the rolling dash to create space and pressure them.

    she has the tools to win but she has to be up close recognizing all her cancels to keep the opponent close and afraid to press buttons the problem is that on infinite stages and the like you have to chase and thats sometimes difficult for someone like nina
    now that the tailspin system is implemented she doesn't need ws1 combos as much.
    in tag 2 and t6 they were damn near essential to get the best out of the character.
    now because of the proximity of the walls and the new combo system they arent as necessary they just make her wall carry game even more ridiculous. max damage combos still use it though.

    both their gameplans are hard to execute at high level play i would give the edge to kazuya in the difficulty in that department though
    theres a reason you dont see to many kazuyas placing that high cause he just cant be that aggressive and requires extensive knowledge and execution.
    it doesnt mean as much but if you have knowledge of nina her gameplan and punishers are much easier to beat intermediate to beginner players
    you can scrub out wins with her and that comes into play at tournaments as well where if you arent familiar with a matchup you can enforce your game on the opponent significantly easier then kazuya.
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    just finished watching the abudget cup

    so glad to see knee win hes one if not my favorite players
    some players are feel players but their awareness is so high so they are constantly analyzing the landscapes formulating how to close in on windows, how to back off when to intercept and when to move to another angle
    his subtle adjustments and his knowledge, fundamentals and overall game sense are a big reason why hes one of my favorite players

    eh fuck ill post some of my old stuff my hei is vanquisher now but this was a older match in the beginning of t 7
    im in the red

    also one of the craziet comebacks youll ever see and its why i pick devil jin
    im still shocked at the end that it worked.

  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    Mishimas were super dominant in games because the movement varied from character to character
    they have some of the best stats in movement and the fact that there were no walls meant that they were ice skating all around you
    also their frames were exceptionally good
    mishima jab variations were ridiculous as well just by pressing directions to coordinate
    one of the other reasons why devil jin is the best is because of his above average stats jack of all trades archetype as a character. its also because he has punishes that excellent other then the EWGF so if you are having a bad day execution wise. then you should still be able to play him pretty well. playing kaz and having a off day is terrible.
    more so movement then EWGF
    you have other punishers to compensate but if you arent moving well you cant minimize the amount of situations that people will put you in.

    once you are intermediate at the game you'll see at mid level people mess/miss so many opportunities to punish which changes the complexion of the match completely.
    but really the idea is that its always better to whiff punish then to block punish this goes for every character and its important to go into a match and use movement to take certain things away.

    a example is shaheen
    if im fighting shaheen whats some of the things i want to minimize
    1. getting hit by a hop kick
    2. getting caught in slide mixups

    both of those go hand in hand and both of those are moves that arent fluid
    he cant just throw those out in neutral or immediately move and do them because slide has to be buffered from crouch and hop kick is something that he has to make you duck or crush
    so in open field he has to establish himself before he does those things.

    well in open field he has no fast far reaching lows.
    so we need to whittle down what we should be looking before he can establish that.

    thats why its important to be patient in this game

    If you can move well you can project options that you opponent has to take into account especially if you are closing in on him
    that way you can dictate the pace. with bad players you can then put them in positions were they will be forced to use high risk moves
    if you can figure out the high risk moves for each character then you can sort out the best way to deal with them. its easier to react when you know you put them into a situation were they have to use a move that is punishable. once i learned to wait more i could see hopkicks coming because i gave them so little in neutral they would take their shot with the small chances they had. I knew in those sequences eventually I would be seeing a hopkick.

    i dont think claudio necessarily is good against ling i do think he disrupts the playstyle of ling a little and thats what you want you want them to hesitate. so they cant just throw the kitchen sink at you in terms of mixups they have to be able to punish properly
    hes got some wild stuff.

    the best lings still have fundamentals and properly punish
    bad ones just think their carnival tricks can get them by

    its all growing pains
    the more you know the more you see past bullshit which means youll move with more purpose, wait more and be more precise.

  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    there are 2 americans in top 8 like i said
    was surprised knee took saint to a infinite stage probably needed that to adjust to the proper spacing before finishing him in the wall stage

    bryan relative to most of the cast is intermediate and while you dont necessarily need his advanced stuff theres a reason why knee is the strongest bryan out because he uses all of the character to his fullest potiential
    and saint and knee have played each other FOR YEARS with knee demoting him and hitting him with taunt setups before
    if you dont think that was in the back of saints mind especially with a fatass character that cannot escape the tracking of taunt at the wall (the guessing is horrbily skewed in knees favor) you are crazy

    taunt at the wall will always make you a better player.
    but yeah on a base level hes easy
    orbital is a good panic move
    all his main moves counter hit which leads to wall carry especially at the mishima and g corporation buildings where the design is PERFECT for him
    mach kick is a stupid ass dumb good move and it got buffed
    he has room for growth
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    theres so many Kat online and our area has a alot of them
    one placed in the last tournament so ive been learning the matchup whether I want to or not.
    I got tired of having to block magic 4 and the follow ups because its such change in tempo from just blocking a regular one and is easy bake oven to combo off of and a great keep out tool.

    I did about 10 rematches with a Kat earlier.
    I won 7 of them and it took him a while before he stopped using magic 4 and hop kick tried to play and restrict himself but lacked the neutral and movement.

    Side walk mostly right other then some of the df punch strings left
    Training mode is a blessing
    If you can't block it and punish learn how to evade it.