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p.m novaroad pilot


p.m novaroad pilot
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  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    man they NEED that rematch function in player lobbies
    sometimes one person is in with me and if i set it to one I hate going back to the lobby to restart again
    gotta play better and get ready for these tournaments in the upcoming months
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    I couldnt go to my last one because other things in life frame trapped me lmfao some of them good though
    havent been playing well as of late also so im just trying to lab matchups really asuka and eddy

    in one of my earlier posts i gave some misinformation

    i was thinking that ff2 from devil jin or the demon paw was -11 on block this meant in older tags that characters like jack could punish it with f2 or hwoarang with 3, 4
    but today i found out that its -8
    completely safe regardless
    this changes the matchup dramatically especially with jack
    now you get a key move back that can be abused against him
    hes bigger so its harder to sidestep as well and safe

    you can play more fluid now i was using him for the jack matchup because he can punish things that other cant like df1 , 2 ,1, 2 with f3+4
    f3+4 is really good against moves with pushback
    like ff2 from bears and
    demoman, deathfist...
    acutally he punishes the weird stuff too

    hes actually on par with kazuya in terms of punishment

    i already used him for playing against jack but now i feel even better about this matchup i just have to understand even more
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    i think devil jin should be higher
    you only need ewgf in the sense that you have to show you can do it
    the threat and being able to project it in neutral is necessary but but you can win matches without it even long sets without it
    he should be in A tier with jin
    only thing is that devil jin has slight issues with jack because jack is the one of only 2 characters that can punish ff2 (the other being hwoarang but he has trouble doing it consistently) which is such a vital tool of his and is important in almost every matchup. but against them you have to use it more sparingly and be smart with it. cant just be kamakaze with it like other matchups

  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    kasumi is alright but i dont think shes top
    other than that i mostly agree with the list
    the reason why jack should be high and me and my friends also discussed is because its easy to bring out 100% of his potiential in tournament
    its hard as fuck to drop combos with him which is very important and his oki setups and general implementation of pure fundamentals dont change no matter the matchup i think everyone should have a pocket jack
    im learning him now because i wanna better understand the character even though there isnt much

    the best characters are the best because on top of having good pokes/moves and frames they have stuff that you know is key but even if you know its still effective

    like everyone and they mama knows that when you face drag d2 and fff2 is coming but even if you know its still hard to stop. when you have to play the player and its hard to exploit much then thats when the character is good
    the best you gonna get out of exploiting devil jin is sidestepping and even though chanel made it look easy against qudans that shit was so hard to do and very precise

    ling has more shit that is natural combo now and better frames
    she does actual damage now and has the best rage drive in the game

    leo is just really good
    its hard to make his tool kit bad unless you wanna make him absolute shit
    i think akuma should be higher actually but thats just me he actually reminds me of kazuya
    good punishers
    limited movelist so you have to be creative
    insane damage off of hits
    semi 50/50s but they arent as good as kazuya
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  • Re: Gundam Versus [PS4] (2v2 3D fighter) - Western Release September 28!

    played the beta of this
    after work on Saturday and into the early morning and all day sunday
    love it
    zz full armor is so good with keepaway and qubeley is great as well but if my friend was gonna use a 500 i picked setsunas 00 gundam lighting mode with him is fucking busted i love how they use the trans am effects.

    played with my friends and randoms all those years of playing virtua on in the arcades and other fighters helped alot
    i must have won like 130+ games or so was playing the fuck outta it