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p.m novaroad pilot


p.m novaroad pilot
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  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    appomo wrote: »
    how many matchups do you guys really learned so far,
    that you know which stuff is duck/sidestepable ect to get your best punish out of these situations?

    I know the Mishima matchup but I hate the mirror so Ill play another one if they pick one usually but that's more anticipating then anything in those and recognizing tendencies for the main tools

    to be honest I know enough of the matchups for every character where you cant do bullshit to me too long and I know how 3d strings and shit work from play soul caliber and this game for years.
    so I don't get abused by stuff alot. lag aside if i'm playing online where its harder to step and certain things become abused easily. Lili in lag becomes a very different beast online. but hopefully the input delay fix will help things.

    offline I've played people that try to do the same stuff online and they get blown up. Plus I've seen it and done it in tournament
    just the amount of death matches I've had played and having friends that play everyone makes it so that I'm prepped for alot of shit. although the one that played Lili, Chloe and xiayou moved to japan so that changes things but I've played him enough to where I know those matchups too.

    I'm playing the player more often then I'm playing the character. trying to adapt to their tempo and how creative they are with the character
    I don't always react properly. many factors can come into play but I can react optimally when it counts and I'm good at judging distance too.

    I save my best punishes some times
    what I mean is that if I'm scraping, hanging in the match with the person and I'm still in a position to win but they are getting away with some thing some times early in the set Ill let it go so that if its close I know they might go to it in the clutch and that's when ill make them pay for it.

    depends on who I'm playing sometimes I might stop it early to make them play different in a way that they aren't used to then the match has to evolve and its a scramble to the finish.

    but yeah I'm playing the player more often then then the character nowadays.
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  • Re: The 2017-2018 NFL and FFL thread: if you’re going against Antonio Brown this week, just take the L.

    I know Sherman hates TNF, but if you tear your achilles. doesn't that mean it was pretty close to tearing at any moment now? Like a couple more days of rest wouldn't have done anything would it?

    Because of all the injuries.... it's gonna be an easy road to the super bowl for whoever can stay healthy. Pats vs Rams.

    you gotta sit which he should have

    lack of stretching is one of the reasons as simple as it is that it tears as well i wont pretend to know his whole regiment of exercises but yeah he needed to sit
    but different strokes for different folks
    I knew mines didnt feel right the moment I woke up that morning and went out and competed anyways. paid the price. mines sounded like a gunshot when it ruptured. wondered if his sounded the same.

    and as I thought
    he knew as well

    teams, loyalty and camaraderie is a weird thing... it will have you doing illogical shit
  • Re: One Piece Thread: Gear 2nd!

    yeah it was a great chapter but imo oda devoted too much time to what was happening to the rest of the crew. I was steadily reading hoping they would cut back to the fight especially since luffy found the weakness but he wasnt able to exploit it for too long as dogtooth had already composed himself good to see that gear 4 can stand against him

    if anybody read yu yu hakusho his passive ability to move his body around and shape to dodge attacks reminds me of elder toguro tbh

    though im sure luffy has a way to rile him up to break his concentration so that he can hit him. probably use the environment to his advantage
  • Re: The 2017-2018 NFL and FFL thread: if you’re going against Antonio Brown this week, just take the L.

    papa johns is mid to low tier pizza tbh
  • Re: The Official Season 2017-18 NBA Thread: Cavs are a lottery team

    LBJ gonna demand Isaiah to the Knicks for Porzingas.

    He can demand all he wants. No way that deal gets made.

    Somehow willy is in the dog house so I would have no issue with the Knicks including him in a trade for bledsoe. Dude hasnt played any meaningful minutes and it doesnt seem like its going to change. Throw in the Frenchmen if they take the noah contract of the books. Add some suns fluff to make the numbers work.

    its the knicks...
    anything is possible