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  • Re: STR Presents: X-Mania USA AND Tournament of Legends II @ EVO 2014

    Yeah we recorded interviews with all of them except Nuki. Will take a while to upload and have someone help transcribe them.

    Just some banter that are not recorded on camera

    Mattsun (rebutting damdai's claim that oryu isn't that good): o ryu - cheap

    Kurahashi : jab (black) is my original ryu’s color but in japan people start copying me so I have to keep changing (now it’s fierce). This tournament is special for me so I go back to my original color in tol2

    Hanasi teaching tech monkey how to beat chicken wing with upkick - kara cancel a low forward into upkick, the low forward will make chicken wing whiff. he demonstrated it with a success rate of 1/4. it's not easy but when you get trapped frame tight and not much life left this could be your way out.

    Kurahashi doesn't understand why US players (including damdai) use standing short before throwing a fireball. they only use jab because it changes fierce fireball's recovery to a jab fireball. they will also use strong to fake throwing fb. he said that using short will make the fireball recovery worst.

    Hanasi's comment of Mao : mao – good player, but cheap

    MAO is so confident in his game that he's willing to MM our best guile player mars for $10. Mars only has to beat him once and Mao has to beat Mars 10 in a row. Earlier the night Mao wants to MM damdai. we negotiated a similar deal with a 6:2 odd. I bet my money on damdai. Lesson learned - always bet on MAO (zoolander made a killing in that side bet).

    Hanasi explains that once hawk got knocked down, fei can harass hawk with chicken wing since reversal raising hawk will whiff. i tried it with him and indeed the raising hawk completely missed.
    he'll do jump back jab if chicken wing is blocked.

    at 6am when we're about to shutdown the salty suite, hanasi and noguchi demonstrated how to do the neg edge DP/block OS. He said if you can pull it off, you have 1/3 change of getting a reversal, 1/3 blocking the dive and 1/3 getting hit. During the demo he can pull it off 30-50% of the time.

    we asked why sousoz feilong is always after hanasi in GSV. is it because sousoz feilong is better than hanasi? Hanasi said it's because of the matchup. in GSV a lot of the stronger players at the end are shotos/guile and sousoz is a master of fei vs ryu/guile. otoh hanasi is an expert of fei vs sim/honda/gief

    he also praised the US honda players since he thought it would be free but he's having a hard time vs them.

    TMF said the sousoz fei is the famous ggpo player aribon - though he no longer plays on ggpo.

    free feel to post other interesting stuffs!
  • Re: Howto Shoryuken Uppercut - Z Motion or Forward-Hadoken ?????

    If you are using windows, try this with the input HUD display so you can check if your input is clean

    There is no secret to it except doing it clean and fast.

    This is the street fighter 2 engine, shit does insane damage so srk isn't supposed to come out easy (it's easier than SF 1) if you dont do it fast.

    The Z motion and forward then fireball are essentially the same.
    It's just a twitch once you get used to it.

    There is another way to do it, from crouching position, as explained by XSPR in this pic


    You start at red and do a small 360 circle back to where you started.

    I personally find it way easier to do Z in 1p side and small circle in the 2p side.

    Z is easier to combo from standing fierce and small circle is easier to combo from crouching low forward.

    BTW there are also some beginner to intermediate players on ggpo. Playing the CPU is also fun when you just want to practice your SRK on reaction.
  • Re: Super Street Fighter II Turbo, in the house

    Thanks to eltrouble for this great find and felinki for the translation! so much gold.
    Imagine he speaks English and answers questions in this "ST in the house thread", lol

    So the rumor is true

    "In SF2, sometimes the leniency for special move commands becomes longer than normal. This is so that even people who have trouble inputting the commands quickly enough can get them to come out occasionally, which will encourage them to practice more. But this means that maybe sometimes you'll get a special move when you didn't want it, so maybe that was a mistake?"

    I can't imagine if HDR or sf4 were developed with the help of the original team... we'd have avoided so many mistakes

    I wonder if he actually recall the unblockable mistake just now or he didn't bother to fix it. According to wiki he left capcom after 1995 so he could have fixed it at least in ST.
  • Re: Official shmupmame Super Turbo thread

    laugh's inpin converter on
  • Re: ** is now OPEN **

    yeah i ordered $180 worth of stuff around the same time. no reply to email, no updates. status is 'processing'

    too bad arcadeshock , focusattack etc don't sell OBSN-30RG

    according to this thread

    they shipped theirs but didn't change the order status from processing to shipped.

    paypal allows 45 days from purchase date to file dispute. i'll wait for 2 more weeks before i take any action.
    hopefully it comes through