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  • Re: STR Presents: X-Mania USA AND Tournament of Legends II @ EVO 2014

    There is only one kurahashi! Mars asked for a FT5 guile vs guile in the salty suite. I believe this is the first time he played guile that weekend. And his guile is freaking crazy good, no rust at all. Hanasu have that captured iirc.

    You neg edge all 3 punches. The motion that he did is very fast. But it's not the simply full half circle like many people said.

    I believe he did a DP from the direction of the wall and ended in half circle the other way. So he covered DP in both directions, and block assuming claw will cross up. However this is all very hard to time.

    And look at what eugene found
  • Re: The ST Lounge 2.360

    Not sure if you guys subscribed to the international ssf2x group here

    But julien beasley (zass) just posted there - he got married and this is the song he played during his wedding.

    Awesomeness +++ through the roof

    This artist has a bunch of sf related themes, very cool

  • Re: Norcal Super Turbo thread

    ggs to everyone, except to fudd who made me play boxer

    Ratio tournament

    Character lock 3/5 tournament

    tournament of losers or “Pick your opponent’s character” tournament
    No dup character, only anchor can pick his character (that is not killed off yet)

    Team A – fudd (anchor), georam, darkness, vestax
    Team B – ultracombo (anchor), thrust07, moses, papasi

    Battle 1 – (first character blind pick)
    Darkness (sim) vs Moses (n sagat) o-x
    Darkness (sim) vs Papasi (boxer) o-x
    Darkness (sim) vs Thrust07 (ryu) x-o
    Georam (dj) vs Thrust07 (ryu) o-x
    Georam (dj) vs Ultracombo (n ken) x-o
    Vestax (fei) vs Ultracombo (n ken) x-o
    Fudd (dict) vs Ultracombo (n ken) x-o

    Battle 2 – Team A anchor vestax, Team B papasi
    Georam (boxer) vs Moses (guile) x-o
    Darkness (honda) vs Moses (guile) o-x
    Darkness (honda) vs Ultracombo (gief) x-o
    Fudd (claw) vs Ultracombo (gief) x-o
    Vestax (gief) vs Ultracombo (gief) o-x
    Vestax (gief) vs Thrust07 (chun) o-x
    Vestax (gief) vs Papasi (sim) x-o
  • Re: The ST match vids + discussion thread

    A wild mysterious fighter appears! (thanks to delatroy for the tips)