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  • Re: Demon flip mix-ups after SA1


    thats a good vid. Only shows setups after lp x rh tatsu but thats a move you can get pretty often. all characters included.
  • Re: Does anyone have a laundry list of changes for Sean from SF3:2i to 3S?

    Tebbo wrote: »
    well you could just play the games if you really wanted to know. but since you're asking for info, you probably don't care THAT much (rightfully so).

    really no one gives a fuck this is why i laugh when ppl bring up sean 2i/3s outside the 3s boards.
    because even 3s players who have obscene knowledge don't care. because it's sean. and it's 2i.

    sean is cool but that's about all he has going for him. coolness.

    I kinda figured he was looking for the kind of lists you'd get from patch notes

    but yeah as far as I know they didn't really do that kind of thing back then so all you can do is play and compare
  • Re: Does anyone have a laundry list of changes for Sean from SF3:2i to 3S?

    I wouldn't call his SRK amazing, but it was worth being called a shoryu.

    Sean is crappy for a lot of dumb reasons. Most of his shoto normals have worse frame data than the other shotos. It's hard to blame people for thinking hes underrated since he walks and quacks like a shoto, but then you play him and realize its Ryu covered in molasses.
  • Re: Space Jam 2

    Ive really fond memories of Space Jam. A friend of mine has a Space Jam Jordan jersey which I didn't even realize they made until recently.
  • Re: The Ameяican Government Thread

    Fiorina is a great example of how pitiful the field of prominent female Republicans is. She's also failed to win election twice.
    Xvideos wrote: »
    But the nightly show isn't funny though. The only one holding the show together was Larry. All of his contributors are crazy as fuck.

    There's a couple that I think do allright. And the guest segments are 1000x better than any other late night chat show.