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  • Re: Villains of the FGC

    gaagaa wrote: »
    I have never met a Smash player. Wonder what are they like?

    an annoying nerdy nephew
  • Re: 3rd Strike General Discussion Thread

    yamasaki wrote: »
    Hol Horse wrote: »

    There's also Jirou picking Akuma's SA2 in some matchups.

    Vs Chun mostly .... he sacrifices zoning for damage
    Never really understood the point of Alex SA3 vs Oro

    Some set-up are unescapable for Oro .

    it works kind of well for Jiros style. You can connect SA2 after hitting people with dive kick even at its highest point, similar to HP SRK.

    Also for Alex, my understanding is it has more to do with being able to react punish fireballs with Stungun
  • Re: 3rd Strike General Discussion Thread

    Yuna wrote: »
    Is it just me or is Blue Nocturne the worst goddamn super in this entire game? I seriously can't think of a super that sucks more than that outside of maybe Total Destruction.

    generally yes but there is a player that chooses SA3 specifically against Q when the Q player uses SA1 to go through LOVs. On reaction Remy SA3 hard counters Q SA1. Look up YOU Remy to see what Im talking about. Its pretty cool!

    SA3 Alex vs Oro and SA2 Tweleve vs Remy are similar single matchup super choices. I made a thread about these supers a few years back but its probably buried quite deep by now.
  • Re: Top U.S PLAYERS

    LiangHuBBB wrote: »

    not too long ago JR said he would be able to easily keep up in Japan and that Japanese players ain't that good compared to him on one of his videos when so. asked him about the Jap scene.
    anyone in Japan would completely destroy his akuma

    you really dont know what the fuck youre talking about
  • Re: Cooperation Cup and Tokyo thoughts

    people love anything in list format

    and people love arguing about old school vs new school players, or my scenes players vs your scenes players