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  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    Bruh, he just replaced the model.

    Unless you also believe:

    Also, RE: Goku using two kamehameha supers, it depends on high you are in the air. You need to be really high from a j.2H pursuit to have enough air-time to where they fall into the tele kame.

    Anyone having luck using more than one j214 L with Trunks to extend? I can get j.L, j.M, j.S, j214 L, LLL pretty consistently now and it feels good, but I saw Clayton Chapman got like 3 command flips in one combo, lol.
  • Re: The Street Fighter V Lounge - Smashas in the Club Doing Aegis Reflector

    Today some guy perfected me, my lights flickered at the exact moment i lost. This was in casual. I didnt bother sending a mssg bc who tf would believe it? If this happened to you today and you reading this im sorry. I live in southern louisiana and it was raining hard. The timing was the perfect rq. It was embarrassing

    Punk ass. That was my smurf account. I'll make sure to drop on you in ranked.

    My nigga the timing was suspect as hell. Announcer goes PERFECT KO and next thing i know ps4 is in safe mode rebooting. #GTAB
  • Re: SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

    Casual Design BONUS ROUND! (Trigger Warning Over 9000!)
    Still here? Excellent. With all the hullabaloo going on right now about Ingrid, I felt like trying my hand at fitting her into SFV, from the perspective of someone who doesn't like her current presentation. I believe someone else here already tried something similar, and Miogarosorm made an excellent write up of her. In redesigning her, she needs to be boiled down into a few interesting traits to be built around.
    -Refined, dance-like moves (very waltz-y, Karin's just very crisp but not truly dance-like)
    -Powers and atmosphere of something otherworldly
    -Cheerful and whimsical personality

    So how do you keep these things and still improve her standing among the people who dislike her? Well, most of the vocal complaints I see are:
    -She looks 12 (and not the good kind either)
    -She claims to be the origin of Psycho Power, which sounds stupid to a lot of people
    -The "magical girl" vibe feels out of place in Street Fighter

    Believe it or not, those flaws can be removed. Here's her Project X Zone 2 description:
    Her origins are shrouded in mystery and she operates under the orders of some unknown organization.

    Although she looks like a cute young girl, she has an old-fashioned way of talking and often speaks and acts at a slow and deliberate pace.

    She has a tendency to want to put her years of accumulated wisdom to use by guiding others about how to behave, but recently she's become aware of how preachy she tends to come off. On the other hand, she's also into the latest fads, quick to laugh, and a big animal lover.

    In battle, she uses mysterious attacks like throwing glowing orbs, or hurling enemies into the air without touching them. The mysterious rune that appears when she does these moves also serves as her giant hair ornament.
    Some interesting notes from this:
    -Ingrid LOOKS like a young girl, that wording was likely intentional
    -"Years of accumulated wisdom" is strange. If she was a time-warping immortal, it should at least say centuries or millennia. But years? Her life span is a lot more human than we've assumed.
    -"Under the orders of some unknown organization" strengthens Miogarosorm's argument that the real translation of her lines to Bison is "our power" rather than "my power".

    So Ingrid is better described as some sort of MORTAL prodigy acting at the behest of the "unknown organization". I don't think this would be the Illuminati, but there's nothing arguing against it, and her comment could be interpreted as "People outside the Illuminati can't wield that much power". So how do we fix Ingrid?
    -Since she's mortal, she can be around Karin's age
    -The Psycho Power part is either wrong or very likely to be retconned
    -By aging her up, she'd be more like a hybrid of Rose and C.Viper than KoF Athena, undercutting her "magical girl" persona

    While her costume could be similar to previous versions, I think something a little more refined would be in order. Maybe something on par with Tekken's Eliza so she keeps the frilly aspect of her outfit but she doesn't look so much like Karin's default.

    All right, I finally got the reasoning out of the way, so I can do my favorite part: move lists! Ingrid's normals would be fast and focused on mid range, sort of like Karin and Cammy's MK normals. Her Crush Counters can be cr.HP (Lili's SFxT launcher), cr.HK, and f.HK (a kind of leaping forward kick, think Ibuki). In addition, she gets an overhead from f.MP. Like others, it's slow/unsafe/poor range, but it's there. As a V-Skill, she gets a counter similar to Bison's, but holding the button performs a short-range attack which launches opponents for a combo. Ingrid's most significant specials would be her orb projectiles, command dash (new!) and ballet twirl. The orbs come out in 3 arcs related to the start angle: 30, 50, and 70 degrees. The EX version makes a large, stationary orb a certain distance from her, a nod to her original super. Her command dash, a faux teleport similar to Akuma's from SF4, can be feinted by holding the buttons; doing this makes the Ingrid moving forward disappear and she reforms where she started. Finally, the ballet twirl (think a meterless version of the follow up to Karin's EX kicks, or Lili's move from SFxT) is her main special to cancel into on a grounded opponent, while the EX is projectile invincible and hits multiple times. Her DP would be nerfed to V-Reversal status. While her super doesn't matter and would probably be a cinematic, I think a good V-Trigger effect would be making her other specials able to be held for a feint, at the cost of VT. Doing this creates a copy of Ingrid that remains in place until Ingrid creates another one, runs out of VT, or activates it with HP+HK. The clone, when activated, performs the special independently of Ingrid, much like Guilty Gear's Bedman.

    I was that someone. I posted an complete re-imagining of her character. Made her Icelandic. Gave her Icelandic attire that would allow her to be recognizable without being a school girl. Heck I gave her a clan, rival clan, and detailed origin. I created an entire moveset. (V-Skill, V-Trigger, V-Reversal, Throws, Specials, and a Critical Art) sans normal attacks. @Miðgarðsorm was nice enough to critique and point out flaws in design. If I ever tried again, I'd run it by him before posting it.

    Edit: I still have the file on my PC. I actually changed her surname to Sólbjörnsdóttir , Fighting Style to Hnefi Sólarinna, and V-Trigger to Ljós Sólarinnar after reading Miðgarðsorm's post,

    Seek help
  • Re: Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread

    It's true. Alex's game is making you block a f. HP. Then he does either a powerbomb or a It's a little more complicated than that... but that's the core, I feel. Also grappler characters are dishonest by nature.
  • Re: Street Fighter V Balance/Match Up Discussion - SHOW ME YOUR MATCH UPS

    Ryu is such a bitch in this game.