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po pimpus
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  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE...for a price!

    Evo isn't the reason to play anyway, stop worrying a out what Evo is doing.

    If you're playing a game worrying about whether it will be at EVO, you're fucking up.

    And you're also fucking up if you're playing Infinite DLC instead of a game that ISN'T hot garbage...
  • Re: Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not...

    Broly's backstory and motivation completely ruins everything cool about him.
  • Re: Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not...

    So doing cool looking shit just for the lols is all it takes to impress you?

    Then you should be a Vegeta fan pre Super also.
  • Re: Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not...

    I don't even like Jiren. I just point out that he isn't like most DB characters. He's Broly without a dumb ass backstory and motivation.

    I find jobber ass Toppo and Dyspo more interesting.
  • Re: MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special

    Goddamn you people are drunk off the Capcom-flavored Kool-aid (tastes like shit, I imagine)...

    The only good thing you can say about this game is that it's combat engine is solid... Which would have worked in 1997, but it's 2018... We've seen better, we HAVE better.

    EVERYTHING else about this game is trash. Crap visuals. Lifeless UI and menus. Dull, forgettable music. A roster that NO ONE can get hype for outside of like 4-5 characters. Voice direction straight out of a Harmony Gold anime dub from 1987. The worst PR campaign since DmC. The audacity of the first trailer since the teaser shoving DLC and Season Pass bullshit in our faces with absolutely no shame or forethought on the implications of selling additional content before we ever decided if the base game was worth buying. The shill, yes shill ass "pros" and their yes men fans hyping this shit up like their paychecks depended on it (because they did) despite having "functioning" eyes and ears.

    The absolutely disgusting, disingenuous, soulless feeling this game gives off, as it was made by committee and not desire that permeates every fiber of this product... A feeling that is magnified X1000 when held up to the absolutely stunning love letter to fans that is DBFZ...

    This shit was doomed from jump, and has earned every bit of criticism and backlash it received. Don't you DARE try to argue otherwise and expect to be taken seriously.

    The "haters" didn't kill Marvel, YOU did by not manning up, facing facts about it's flaws and doing something other than digging your heads into this sandbox of a forum and hoping we'd all get "left behind".

    For every 10 Pos that flamed the fuck out of this crap, 5 @DevilJin 01 s sat silent when they could have been using their shill connections to get something done and save this sinking ship.

    Shillville got blown up, but I ain't the one that dropped the nuke-- Your boys at Capcom and their self-appointed PR agents like DevilShill01 did that.